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BPC 10.1 Embedded Planning Calculation planning sequence performance improvement

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Performance is a hot topic in DevOps or post go-live. These below tips are based on my Experience during leading Performance Improvement DevOps team; and the context of this blog post is top 4 performance improvement for Planning Sequence, and Planning Function.

Keep the planning sequence leaned

Remove unnecessary planning functions, and keep small planning function total number or optimum in planning sequence.


  • Activate “No Dataslice Check” at planning sequence. Use this option if you use planning functions to deactivate and activate dataslice, and this option can remove these 2 planning functions.
  • Check if the calculation planning function is possibly removed from planning sequence e.g. Finance Account Quarter total Calculation move to Calculated key figure in BEx Query.


Run planning Function in HANA Runtime.

Ensure the Planning Function runs in HANA Runtime instead of ABAP Runtime. There is a case Planning Function runs in ABAP due cube/dso like planning aDSO is not HANA Runtime-enabled.


  • Use RSPLS_PLANNING_ON_HDB_ANALYSIS program to check if Cube/aDSO like advance DSO is HANA Runtime-enabled or not; and check planning function is running in HANA Runtime or not.
  • OR, put breakpoint to class method: CL_RSPLFR_CONTROLLER->EXECUTE_SERVICE. The breakpoint put into if l_trex_supported = rs_c_true (line 670). If debug pointer goes to that area means the planning function is HANA Runtime.

the line 670 is based on BW Support Package I am working. 


Optimize the Planning Function code. 

Start with top 3 Planning Function that it is very expensive in performance, and optimize it.


  • To get top 3 Planning Function with Expensive Performance, you can go to Planning Sequence and Run one-by-one the Planning Function and time it.
  • Use BI-IP Performance Toolset to Analyse, and Optimize Planning Function. E.g. Analyse Fox Planning Function, go to “Analyze Fox Code” button. It suggest me missing Filter that need to add into Planning Filter, and it improved the performance. 

BI-IP Performance Toolset: go to tcode: ST13 – Toolname: BIIPTOOLS


Upgrade the Support Package or Analysis Office Version

In many cases, the Support Package, or Analysis Office Version, or HANA DB Revision upgrade has the update to performance upgrade.  So, it will be good if the system version keep updated.


  • Raise OSS Message, and SAP will advise it.
  • If you work with Analysis Office, RSTT trace can give the information if there is expensive performance due of Standard SAP Function e.g. BICS function module; and this information can be updated into OSS message for SAP to analysis.


If you guys have other tips to improve the performance, feel free to add it into Comments column. I am working on BPC Embedded Planning 10.1, and BW  power on HANA for Support Package 14, and Analysis Office 2.7 SP 10 when the blog post is written.


Daniel N.

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