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Blog It Forward – Marssel Vilaça

This is one of the most cool initiative in SAP Community. Blog it Forward – the sequel! Thank you Sue for bring back the BIF Challenger. The BIF Challenger is a nice opportunity to community members get to know each other better. Thanks to Isabel and Ruthvik for nominating me. I have so many updates since my 1st BIF years ago. If you are interested in know more about my SAP Community trajectory please check my blog here.

I am still working as SAP FICO Consultant and Trainer. When I have written my 1st blog I was 3. Now I am 4.

I appreciate simple things to do. I like peace and tranquility. Am I successful in doing so? My kids are 8 and 6 years old. No need to say more 🙂 My professional life is very busy. I am doing SAP projects since long time and it requires all time invested. I spent the last few years doing many trips inside and outside the country. I would like to travel more with my family for a long time during my vacation, but I just realize I have no vacation. It’s also hard to find a spot on my agenda because professional reasons. This has motivated me to move to a smaller city than São Paulo. Now I am based in Recife, which is 2600km away. A smaller city allows me great moments with my wife and two children.




What do you most enjoy about the SAP Community?

I also like to publish my video blogs and good content related SAP Solutions. I have been sharing knowledge since long time in SAP Community and other social networks. SAP Community events is what I like the most. I hear from many people that my professional life is crazy because I use to organize 5 or 6 events a year, but it’s not. I don’t consider that is my work. I do it voluntarily for fun and learning new thing from nice people. I own a good part of my SAP carrer for this.


Fun fact/story about me that people don’t know

I had a hoobie long time ago that I want to recover. I used to draw caricatures. I used to make shirt prints to go out on the street carnival with friends. My artistic passion is something I definitely want to return as a habit.


What is the best lesson your parents taught you?

There many important lessons learned from parents. This one called my attention because make things happens in real is the key to acomplish our target in life. My mom used to say:

“You can do it. It’s easy!”

Everything looks impossible untill you know you can do it!



Thanks for reading!



I would to challenger the following names for the BIF:


Aline Almeida

Cláudia Daniele

Eid Haddad


Lara Guarines

Manuel Robalinho

Thiago Vinicius

Antonio Figueiredo (to be updated)

Carlinos Guimarães (to be updated)

Karla Souza (to be updated)

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  • Hi Marssel, and welcome to the #BlogItForward family!

    It's good to see your smiling face 🙂

    I totally understand how having kids that are 8 and 6 could affect your peace and tranquility, but you always seem pretty balanced to me.

    So, if you were an animal, what animal would you be - and why?

    Take your time, I'll be here....


    PS:  Can you add the official #BlogItForward tag?  Thank you!

    • Hellooo Sue! Always nice to see you virtually around!

      Peace at home is what father and mother chase all the time. We got this when kids go to grandparents’ house. So this way we complain that the house it is too quiet. Actually we love that mess at the end. ?

      I definitely would like to be a marine animal like a dolphin. Live free and always in group is fascinating.


      • I love the choice of a dolphin!  I hadn't even thought of that.

        It's too cliche to say I would like to be a dog, but as you know, I feel like my dog has a pretty good life.  🙂

        So maybe I need to put some more thought into what animal I would like to be.

        Stay well, my friend!


  • Hi Marssel, great that you are part of #BlogItForward now 🙂
    It really impresses me that you organize 5-6 community events per year. I have been part of the organization team of #sitWDF and I know how much work it is. It's definitely a great way not seeing this as "work" and that's exactly what I like most about SAP Community: members engage on top of their work, in their spare time, simply because they like it.

    Keep on going! 🙂

    • I was lucky to meet great people here in Brazilian Community. It has made the events engagement and credibility nowadays. We have SAP Community teamwork and I extend all thanks to manu other passionate members.

      I hope to see you someday doing an opening for some SAP Inside Track in Brazil! 🙂