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SAP Innovation Award Winners using SAP Data Intelligence

SAP recently annouced our Innovation Award Winners – congratulations to all of them!  In the following screenshot I have highlighted the ones that use SAP Data Intelligence as a key part of their solution.



The use cases among the SAP Data Intelligence winners are diverse, including different industries and different use cases.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is a government municipality in the US.   Commonwealth’s goal is to create a since view of global spend, including the identification of potentially risky transactions (including split transactions that break-up a high-dollar purchase into smaller transactions to circumvent internal controls).

The Commonwealth leveraged SAP Data Intelligence to automate data orchestration across multiple sources. Additionally, they used ML operators to predict split transactions and the text analyzer feature for extracting summarized budget category data out of PDF files for grant contracts.



Kaiserwetter is a data-as-a-service company in the energy sector.  Kaiserwetter’s  goal is to fight global warming by providing more certainty over changeable factors that impact renewable energy assets making investment for attractive.

Kaiserwetter uses SAP Data Intelligence as part of their AIRSTOTLES solution that aggregates and correlates technical, meteorological, and financial data from wind & solar parks to maximize the performance, minimize investment risks and create high transparency standards.

Other articles on Kaiserwetter in industry news:



HARTMANN is a healthcare medical supply company. HARTMANN’s goal is to improve order transparency and reduce operation costs.  Prior to SAP Data Intelligence, 60% of orders were processed manually by phone & fax and delivery of medical products had to be planned and maintained daily.

HARTMANN uses SAP Data Intelligence to combine internal sales and planning data with external trends, Twitter, weather, and institutional data in order to provide predictive stock replenishment data to automated sensor boxes.

Other articles on HARTMANN on and industry news:


SAP Data Intelligence serves many use cases across different industries.   To understand additional use cases and industries that use SAP Data Intelligence, check out our business case discovery tool at

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      Author's profile photo Hayat Yasir
      Hayat Yasir

      Really interesting post. Thanks for your effort.But could you please help me understand how is SAP Data Intelligence services different from SAP AI Business sevices in terms of Machine Learning?


      Author's profile photo Ginger Gatling
      Ginger Gatling
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Hayat Yasir 


      Thanks for asking and I can see why that could be confusing!  AI business services on SAP Cloud Platform, like described in this blog:   provide a specific service that you can use  – one example they give in the blog is document information extraction – so it is a service that you can use in an application.  So, think of these as consumable services.  SAP Data Intelligence is a data pipelining, orchestration solution where you can also build ML/AI services – it provides data transformation, data pipelining, data catalog/ metadata governance, as well as ML/AI.   From the ML side, I would think of SAP Data Intelligence as more of a developer tool for data scientist where you apply ML to data you are orchestrating across multiple systems – and the AI business services are specific services that you can consume in an app. So, they are microservices,  where SAP Data Intelligence focuses on data integration, data pipelining with ML applied.

      Does that make sense, or make it even more confusing?