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Author's profile photo Frank Schuler

Profile your ServiceNow data with SAP Data Hub

Lately, I got a ServiceNow developer account. It comes with a REST API, so I was wondering whether I could profile its data with SAP Data Hub.

Since SAP Vora has become an integral component of SAP Data Hub, I leverage its OpenAPI Client and Vora Avro Ingestor operators to retrieve and store the content of the incident table:

As it turned out, I needed a custom operator to unmarshal the response from ServiceNow anyway, so I decided to implement a looping mechanism to handle potentially larger tables in chunks as well. (Please find the code for both operators in the appendix.) In this case this would not have been necessary since there are only 66 records as per header parameter openapi.header.x-total-count:

  "": "",
  "openapi.header.content-type": "application/json;charset=UTF-8",
  "openapi.header.x-total-count": "66",
  "openapi.status_code": "200"

In the SAP Data Hub Metadata Explorer, I check the Fact Sheet:

So, I got 66 incidents from November 24th 2015 to March 16th 2020 of which 34.84% have been made SLA and none of them have their cause recorded. Interesting.


ServiceNow API



sysparm_limit = $.config.getInt("sysparm_limit");
sysparm_offset = 0;

function gen(ctx) {
    var msg = {};
    msg.Attributes = {};
    msg.Attributes["openapi.query_params.sysparm_limit"] = sysparm_limit.toString();
    msg.Attributes["openapi.query_params.sysparm_offset"] = sysparm_offset.toString();

function onInput(ctx,s) {
    var msg = {};
    msg.Attributes = {};
    sysparm_offset = sysparm_offset + sysparm_limit;
    msg.Attributes["openapi.query_params.sysparm_limit"] = sysparm_limit.toString();
    msg.Attributes["openapi.query_params.sysparm_offset"] = sysparm_offset.toString();
ServiceNow Control
import json

def on_input(in_message):
    dict = json.loads(in_message.body.decode("utf-8"))
    if dict["result"]:
        api.send("output", json.dumps(dict["result"]))
        api.send("stop", None)
api.set_port_callback("input", on_input)

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      Author's profile photo Witalij Rudnicki
      Witalij Rudnicki

      Hi Frank. Nicely done, thanks for sharing!

      For the clarity would you mind adding an explanation where `sysparm_limit` parameter for


      is coming from?


      Author's profile photo Frank Schuler
      Frank Schuler
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you, Witalij.

      Very good point. I added a screenshot of the ServiceNow API operator configuration to clarify this question.

      Very best regards