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SAP Monitoring and Situation Center. Part 2. Focused Insights. Step-by-step guide.



“Everything you do as a system administrator should serve a single
purpose: to secure and protect system integrity…”
– Sebastian Schreckenbach “SAP Administration – Practical Guide”
This quote about a series of blog-posts about business continuity and High Availability of SAP Systems.
Monitoring is a very important part of this process.
Monitoring (The list is being updated):
Other posts about system integrity protection (The list is being updated):



You are SAP Basis Administrator and you want to monitor your SAP Landscape
and you want to make a small own monitoring/situation center for this purpose
This is Part 2 (Thank you, Stefan Thomann)


Solution Manager 7.2 SP10 + One Service Tools (Focused Build and Insights) SP05


Part 0. Installation and Upgrade.
Download Focused Build and Insight Add-on from Support Portal
Install it:
000 – client
Transaction – SAINT
Upgrade ST-OST to the latest SP
On 12/03/20  upgrade possible to SP 0005
Download SP-Packages from Support Portal
Install it:
000 – client
Transaction – SPAM
Post-installation steps:

Part 1. Open System for Changes

Transaction SE03
Administration -> Set System Change Option
Set temporarily – Software Components Modifiable

Part 2. Manual post-installation steps

Transaction SICF
Path to wd_df_setup:
Activate Service
Test Service
Complete Step #1… Step #9
Step #1.Prerequisites
Solution Manager Configuration
Technical Monitoring
“Mandatory steps  in Solution Manager 7.2 are completed.
          It means:
           2.1. Mandatory Configuration – System Preparation – all steps completed (status green)
           2.2. Mandatory Configuration – Infrastructure Preparation – all steps completed (status green)
           2.3. Mandatory Configuration – Basic Configuration – all steps completed (status green)
  3. Managed Systems Configuration is completed.
It means:
        3.1. Full Configuration Including Service Delivery / EWA are completed for all systems in monitoring (Step 7 – Check Configuration are green)”
Also KBA-Note –
2080080 – Central Note for Focused Insights
Step #2. Number Ranges Interval
Transaction – SNRO
Number ranges for objects:
0000000001 0099999999 0
0100000000 0199999999 0
0200000000 0299999999 0
0300000000 0399999999 0
0400000000 0499999999 0
00001 99999 0
0000000001 9999999999
Step #3. Activate Queries
An automatic activity. Press the Execute button to run the corresponding tasks.
Step #4. System Alias Creation
Transaction – SM30
Maintain the /IWFND/V_DFSYAL object.
SAP System Alias: LOCAL_SM
Local GW: checked
RFC Destination: NONE
Software Version: DEFAULT
Description: Local Connection Solution Manager
Transaction – /iwfnd/maint_service
Maintain services:
Add System Alias (one example from many):
Step #5. Activate Services.
An automatic activity. Press the Execute button to run the corresponding tasks.
Step #6. Schedule Jobs.
An automatic activity. Press the Execute button to run the corresponding tasks.
Step #7. Initialization.
An automatic activity. Press the Execute button to run the corresponding tasks.
Step #8. Configuration.
Step #9. Cache Configuration.

Part 3. Setup Focused Insight for monitoring purposes.


Start Launchpad from Step #8
Some examples for Tactical and Operations Control Center (OCC)
Goto Tactical Dashboard Configuration Application
Instances Configuration – for example DEV, QAS and PROD SAP Landscapes
Metrics Values – Get Default Values button
System Configuration for systems in SAP Landscape
Dashboard Categories
Operations Control Center (OCC)
Also pay attention for user guide – (Chapter 4 – Configuration)
Goto Operations Control Center (OCC) Configuration Application
Create New Dashboard – For example DEV, QAS, PROD Dashboards
For example Dashboard with gadgets about SAP ATTP Current state (Availability, Dumps, qRFC and Enque monitoring)


Focused Insight is a Fiori App.
For troubleshooting resolution will be
very useful complete openSAP course “Understanding SAP Fiori Launchpad” –
Especially pay attention to “Unit 2: SAP Fiori Launchpad Troubleshooting”
For example for error “System alias ” does not exist” we must check System Alias in  /iwfnd/maint_service
System Configuration for systems in SAP Landscape
Also useful information can be found in the transaction – /IWFND/ERROR_LOG (SAP Gateway Error Log)
and in the Chrome Developer Tools
Also will be useful Analysis Tool For FIORI  – (Report – /SDF/FIORI_ANALYSIS)


One of the many possible approaches to Landscape monitoring with Focused Insight is described
Focused Insight on SCN
Video Overview

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