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SAP Inside Track News – Mar 2020

Hello SAP Inside Track enthusiasts!

This the second blog post of the new series to share news from the SAP Inside Track ecosystem. Missed the first blog post from November last year? Here is the link.

First things first: Let’s start with the current situation and SAP Inside Track event calendar. The following events have been cancelled or al least postponed due to the COVID-19 situation as of today:

  • Mar 20, Reading / UK
  • Mar 21, Pune / India
  • Mar 21, Novo Hamburgo / Brazil
  • Mar 28, Frankfurt / Germany
  • Apr 25, Timisoara / Romania
  • Apr 25, Düsseldorf / Germany
  • May 2, Copenhagen / Denmark

Please always check the SIT Wiki to see the latest status for the planned events. All event owners are in contact with Svea Becker, who maintains the wiki content.

An SAP Inside Track and an SAP Stammtisch are on-site meetings with a focus on the local SAP community. This is the heart and the strength of these formats. Meeting the other SAP experts you know from chats and online platforms face-to-face is such a great experience and the reason why we see so many local community events all over the world.

But what is a joy in normal times, becomes a threat during a pandemic situation.

What can we do as SAP community in these times? Do we need an Online Stammtisch, a Virtual Tech-Night, a Remote Meet-Up, or should we send our avatars into cyberspace? Yes, why not! We as community are free to give it a try. – But please don’t call it SAP Inside Track or SAP Stammtisch. Find a new name for a new format.

What can you do, if you want to enjoy SIT content, but your local event is cancelled? One idea of course is to spend some time in OpenSIT – I teased this new platform already in the last news blog post. The mission of OpenSIT is to make the session content recorded at SAP Inside Tracks easily accessible to SAP community members.

All SIT session recordings are currently hosted on YouTube. makes all SAP Inside Track session recordings accessible from a single place.

Please read this blog post from Oliver Kohl for all the details.

Another idea is to join the 24h online-only event organised by Jakob Marius Kjær, Ronnie André Bjørvik SlettaAnne Johnson, Katan Patel, Nabheet Madan and Srikanth Peri.

This knowledge sharing event will run on May 30/31 and the call for content is already open. Please read this blog post from Jakob for more details.

UPDATE: The SAP Online Track team published a ‘Weekly Update’ video on YouTube.


Do you have some plans to organise online events, or will you write more blog posts in the next weeks? What are your plans – let us know in the comments.

In the next news blog post I want to talk about some sitCOUNCIL projects. We are working on some new stuff, but pssst …

Stay safe!


(member of the sitCOUNCIL)

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      Author's profile photo Christian Braukmüller
      Christian Braukmüller

      Hi Matthias,

      two month passed by since you wrote this blog.
      The situation in most parts of the world unfortunately got worse .. and even in areas where “the curve was flattened” the “normal” daily life won’t be back for a longer time. All the best to the community members all over the world.

      2020 will be a different year for sure. Many people do have more essential problems at the moment and life goes on differently for each of us. What we have in common is that OnsiteEvents will not be on our “to do” list for a while.

      Luckily there is already a strong and vivid network that was build over the years based on the different types of onsite meetups. Some used their experience already and started with an online event format that fits to the local community – some are going more globally.

      That makes me optimistic that we learn something new from these new approaches – maybe some formats will stay even when meetings onsite are possible again.

      I was participating and running a vSAPStammisch (“v” = virtual) and this gave me already some lessons learned, I listened to the last SAP Community Report recording and we had the reCAP conference some days ago.
      Still on my way to find out what the key factors are to make an online event not feel like just a webinar or a podcast. I will share my thoughts separately and we will keep on talking about it at the next vSAPStammtisch Frankfurt for sure to get a broader view on this.

      A correction regarding maintenance of the wiki content:
      The core idea of the SIT-WikiPage is that each event owner is able to maintain the entry on the page on their own.  This helps to publish an event as soon as possible without any steps in between.
      We as the moderators are mainly trying to keep the page nice and in shape ? including reorganizing the old entries. ?

      I added the symbol of a headset in front of all the events at the SIT Wiki page.

      The idea was to differentiate the events and “switch” seamlessly for each individual event to a online or an onsite edition. I hope this is useful in future.

      Stay safe