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Forms By Adobe Service in SAP Cloud Platform using SAPUI5 – Part 1


This document tries to answer about using Forms By Adobe Service in SAP Cloud Platform using SAPUI5. Many developers find difficult in using Standard or Custom forms in SAPUI5. In this Blog  post, we will look how to enable and configure Forms by Adobe Service in SAP Cloud Platform.



Forms by adobe service is a service that allows one to create adobe forms. The layout of the adobe forms can be created using a third party tool adobe life cycle designer. The form created using the “Forms by adobe service” can be assigned to any process.To access the Form by adobe service, first one has to the enable the service.The user Logs on to the SAP cloud platform account using the valid credentials.



On the Left side you can find services.

Click on the services and the list of services available in SAP Cloud Platform is displayed. In the list displayed click on SAP Forms by adobe service.



Click on the Enable button to enable the service.



After few seconds, you could find that the service is enabled. Thus,the SAP forms by adobe service is enabled.




Under the Take Action, you could see different options available.

First, Its necessary to Configure the Roles & Destinations.





You could find the Predefined roles being set. You can add additional roles for Security reasons.



This process involves creating new destination for the forms.



Click on “New Destination” to create a new destination for the forms.


If you have any authentication, Select option as “Basic Authentication” and provide the “Username” and “Password” to access the service.

The destination is configured as shown above. Enter the name, Type, URL, Proxy type, Select “No-authentication” if there is no authentication and Select “Check Connection”.



4.API Template Store:

API Template store is the place where we can upload the adobe form template created in Adobe livecycle designer and its schema.

Before uploading the form, Open Adobe LiveCycle Designer and


Design the form and export the form as .xdp format.

You can preview the form in Adobe LiveCycle Designer.

Open Template Store UI.


To create a new form, click on the Create form button.


Enter the form name and click on create.



Under the template section, Click on the ‘+’ button to add the template.



The Add Template dialog box opens. Enter the Template name, Template file in .xdp format and choose the language.


So, We have successfully added the template to the template store.




The Rest API specification specifies how a form can be accessed from the template store.




The destination is created in order to connect the S4HANA public cloud system with SAP Cloud Platform.


The OAuth configurations is done as shown in below screenshot.


The user enters the name, description, subscription, authentication type.To create a new destination, click on the “ New Destination” button.

The Destination is configured as below.

The user enters the name, type, URL, Proxy type,Authentication, client id

The user configures the destination as shown above.



Thus, from this blog post hope you would configure the Forms by Adobe service in SAP Cloud Platform by enabling the service, adding the standard or custom template in Template Store UI and adding the OAuth in Destinations. In the Part – 2, We will discuss about how to display the standard or custom forms in a Master – Detail Application. Feel free to share your views or ideas for the same and share your thoughts if you have any workarounds for this blog post.



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