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CS15M – Correction in Layout & its improvements

Hello All,

SAP brought new functionalities that help us to know the final product which are connected to the component with multiple selection. In General most of the us using the CS15 to know the where used list. To avoid this SAP has introduced new transaction CS15M which can be more helpful

By implementing below we could get the CS15M (New transaction code).Which is help us get the BOM where used List with multiple material selection. and

CS15M (System version: S4CORE 102 0003 SAPK-10203INS4CORE S4CORE)


With the highlighted fields we can easily see the final product which are connected to components.

Even after implementation of above note change layout will be possible.

In this blog we we will see the development required to get the change lay out option for CS15M transactions.

In SE41 transaction Enter program RCS15001 Select the radio button status fill SA15_ALV Click on copy status In the pop-up fill as mentioned below From Program RCS15001 STATUS SA15_ALV TO Program RCS15001M STATUS SA15_ALV Continue. Save and activate the program and status Program RCS15001M STATUS SA15_ALV


with above steps we can get the change layout option in CS15M out put.


Hope with this new transaction user can save time to get the material where used list with multiple selection.


Input if we entered through blank in Plant report will not displayed. Plant must any value or can be *

Please post your comments anything which can made this blog more helpful.


Bets Regards,

Prasath E

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