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Asset Legacy Data Migration in New Assets Accounting (S/4 HANA 1909) – Current year Acquisition Scenario Techno-Functional Solution


In FICO Asset Legacy Data Migration in New Asset Accounting, the procedure is explained below for current year acquisition scenario. Both the Functional and Technical Solutions along with the sample report for BAPI are explained in detail .


Main Problem:

In ECC system the Transaction code AS91 is used to create asset master and also post asset values in asset accounting through ‘Takeover values’. Now, Taking over of values is not possible in S/4 HANA system in AS91. In ECC, transaction data was getting posted separately in Assets Accounting through ‘AS91-Takeover values’ and General Ledger Accounting through OASV/FB01.

For the Asset Migration in S4 Hana, the System Procedure differs and needs some configurations before asset creation and acquisition in different scenarios. Also a combination of both LSMW and BAPI is required to complete the upload .



Asset Cut over – Current Year Acquisitions :

In S/4 HANA, to post an asset with current year Acquisition we have to use three transactions:

Transaction code AS91 for Asset Master Data

Transaction code AB01 to transfer the acquisition transaction of legacy asset posted in current year.

Simulate and post . Further carry out Transaction code ABLDT to takeover ordinary depreciation posted in current year by entering amount in field ‘Ordinary dep.posted’ (NAFAG). & Post.

Now for Transaction Code AB01 during mass upload we cannot create a LSMW recording . This can be achieved by using a BAPI for mass upload.


Using this BAPI all the Acquisition Data can be Posted , This BAPI should be followed by BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT.



In each of  the importing tables values for various fields required for acquiring the asset can be passed.

For Example :

In the Export parameters success message will be returned.

A z-report can be created for the BAPI upload program , which converts the data maintained in excel into internal table which can further be passed into the import parameters of the BAPI.


Sample of the Z-report created :

For converting data from Excel into Internal table.

For passing the values into import parameters of the BAPI .


Conclusion :

So, in this blog post we have seen how to carryout asset legacy data migration for SAP S/4 HANA for current year Acquisition . Please feel free to share if you have followed any other methods to do the same and share if you have any comments.

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      Author's profile photo Hai Dau Thanh
      Hai Dau Thanh

      SAP S/4HANA provides LTMC for Legacy Assets which is always my first recommendation. In case you have special requirements, other options are considered. I am curious the reasons why you don't consider LTMC.

      Author's profile photo Summer Li
      Summer Li

      Hello Thanh


      How LTMC upload the assets which is purchased in current year, i did not find the "ordinary depreciation in current year" in the data template, only "accumulated depreciation".

      Please suggest, thank you!

      Author's profile photo Marssel Vilaça
      Marssel Vilaça

      Thanks for the blog, Prabodh.

      LTMC, as mentioned in comments above, is the best option for Assets. Only subnumbers creation is required to enhance. Even BAPI_ASSET_ACQUISITION_POST can be added in LTMC by LTMOM.


      Author's profile photo Summer Li
      Summer Li

      Hello Marssel,

      How LTMC upload the assets which is purchased in current year, i did not find the “ordinary depreciation in current year” in the data template, only “accumulated depreciation”.

      Please suggest, thank you!

      Author's profile photo Robert McNally
      Robert McNally

      Hello Michelle,


      Ordinary depreciation in current year are entered in the 'posted values' worksheet of the template file.



      Author's profile photo Summer Li
      Summer Li

      Hello Robert,


      Thank you for your reply.

      The template I downloaded from LTMC can only have four sheet "Master Details", "Depreciation Areas", "Cumulative Values", and "Field List“。 is there any missing or version issue only system?



      Author's profile photo Robert McNally
      Robert McNally

      Hello Michelle,


      In on-premise 1709, 1809 & 1909 there are more sheets in the standard migration object. Maybe check the object documentation in your system (documentation is in transaction LTMC for versions up to 1809 & in the SAP Help Portal for versions 1909 & 2020 Available Migration Objects - SAP Help Portal )

      Help Portal also has information on the differences between template versions here: SAP Help Portal


      Author's profile photo Ichrak LHIMER
      Ichrak LHIMER


      thanks for this Blog

      In the same subject, i want to know please  how the "Transactions" sheet in the LTMC template must be filled in case of assets acquisitions in current year?

      and how are the transactions (transfer, scrab..) are managed?

      also how is depreciation transfer is managed?

      i have to asset legacy transfer within LTMC.

      thank you for Help


      and how

      Author's profile photo . Bao .
      . Bao .

      Dear PRABODH SHANMUGASUNDARAM and To whom concerned,

      > How to make the SAP ONLY calculates the depreciation amount after the transfer date <

      About asset legacy data transfer for mid-year, i.e. 2018.09.30 is the take over date, in another word, SAP is going alive on First Oct 2018.

      The APC and accumulated depreciation upto end of 2018 is transfered, see screen shot below.

      how to make SAP calculate the depreciation amount from Oct 2018, other than the ones between Jan and Sep.



      Author's profile photo Nuno Anjos
      Nuno Anjos

      We created a specific Migration Transaction Type that allows us to post the Acqusition Amount and the already planned depreciations of current Year. I believe, that within your scenario you can use without going to ABLDT. You can do both steps in AB01L.

      Did not use LTMC so i'm out of such discussion.