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Analytics in S/4HANA Service – Start with Service Management Overview

About Service Management Overview:

Analytics in S/4HANA Service Management (cloud) has seen deliveries starting with 1902. With 1905, the app of Service Management Overview(F3607) was delivered. This app provides a single page for reviewing important key performance indicators(KPIs) offered out of the box for the service execution for the persona of Customer Service Manager. These will help the customer to answer questions like:

    • How does my team’s work load looks like?
    • What work load can I expect(and so need to plan) for my team in next week/quarter?
    • Are there any work items(eg service orders) from my top X customers that are expected in near future that I need to keep an eye on?
    • Which all open service orders should I look at and expedite?
    • Which contracts are nearing expiry and I should start working for their re-negotiations ?
    • …..

There are two kinds of KPIs offered:

  • Insight leading to action (Insight2Action):

To ensure on-time service delivery, the customer manager needs to know how many service orders are still incomplete(open) and overdue. He/she would need to compare and view them on various dimensions which are critical for the business. He/she needs to take action on the open service orders – identify whether execution has happened/ assign to right team/ modify the service orders if need be.

The customer manager needs to know how many service contracts are expired or near expiry. He/she would need to compare and view them on various dimensions which are critical as per the business. He/she needs to take action on the expired or near expiry contracts – renew them.

The cards relevant for this usecase delivered so far(2002) – Incomplete Service Orders by Status, Overdue Service Orders by Status(overdue is defined based on the requested end date of the service order maintained at the service order header), Expiring Service Contracts by Number and by Net Value (shows 4 weeks data). Each card leads to a detailed analysis pages where user can slice & dice the data based on given dimensions and navigate to the relevant service order or service contract for further actions.

  • Insight for future planning, management reporting (Insight2Plan):

The customer service manager needs to understand the overall status of the service orders, contracts handled in his/her organization unit. He/she needs to understand and report on the performance of the unit for the orders handled and contracts being managed in his/her team. The cards delivered for this use case so far(till 2002) – Service Contracts by Contract Value, Service Contracts by Profit Margin, Products by Average Repair Time( average service duration). These cards also lead to detailed analysis pages (except the Products by Average Repair Time card) for further analysis. For Service Contracts, it includes financial figures analysis. Cost,Revenue and Profit Margin figures are taken for the recognized revenue, recognized cost & recognized profit concepts configured in Finance. User can also navigate to the specific service contract for further details.

Global Filter Fields on Service Management Overview:

The Service Management Overview app has global filter fields: Display Currency,Sales Organization,Distribution Channel,Division,Sales Office, Sales Group & Service Order Type.

  • Display Currency – User can input desired currency code and the amount figures in the cards will be shown in that currency. This is mandatory field and therefore, has been given a default currency EUR. If there is a display currency set up for the user in the default parameters, then it is taken over during the app load.
  • Sales Data –User should select the sales data for filter in the following way for optimal usability since these are linked to each other:

1) Sales Organization , 2) Distribution Channel, 3) Division, 4) Sales Office & 5)Sales Group.

Select Sales Organization using the value help. Then when the value help of Distribution Channel is displayed then only the Distribution Channels associated with the selected Sales Organization, will be displayed. When the Division value help is displayed, it will display divisions associated with that Sales Organization. When Sales Office value help is displayed then it will show the offices which are associated with the combination of sales org-distribution channel-division selected on the screen. Sales Group value when displayed with show the Sales Groups associated with the Sales Office selected on the screen.

  • Service Order Type – User can select which Service Order types are already used to filter the data used for Service Order based cards on the app. If there are default values set in the Service Order Type in the default parameters for the user, then those are taken up. This field is useful to distinguish between the field service orders and in-house repair service orders should there be a user who handles both the roles and therefore has been assigned business roles for both the personas.


Each of the cards lead to a detailed analysis page app where the user can slice and dice the data still further and then navigate to the object(service order/service contract) for taking action.

The detailed navigation pages will be described separately in separate blogs linked to this blog.

How & who should use Service Management Overview app:

This app is designed to function as a single screen to start with viewing and working proactively for service transactions. Hence, for a supervisory role, this could be the only tile provided. The key user extensibility option allows for creation of cards for other Smart Business apps or transactional apps, the colleague is authorized for. For eg, card for showing the service orders issue analysis OR service contracts issue analysis can be created and shown. The card will show the default view of the app. Navigation to the app is also supported. If it is needed to have Manage Service Contracts OR Manage Service Orders to be used, then they can be added as cards too.


Further links:

  • Detailed Analysis Page for Incomplete Service Orders Card – Service Orders Analysis(F3971)

  • Detailed Analysis Page for Overdue Service Orders Card – Overdue Service Orders Analysis (F4166)

  • Detailed Analysis Page for Contracts by Contract Value Card & Contract by Profit Margin Card – Service Contracts Analysis(F3942)(blog link to be updated)
  • Detailed Analysis Page for Expiring Service Contracts Card – Expiring Service Contracts Analysis(F3970)(blog link to be updated)

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