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Author's profile photo Michele Fleck

SAP Commerce Cloud Integration with SAP Customer Order Sourcing

Dear Omnichannel, Retail and Commerce Communities,

I am happy to announce the out-of-the-box integration of SAP Customer Order Sourcing with SAP Commerce Cloud (SAP Commerce 1905).

Business Need

Today, consumers expect more from a brand than simply an efficient shopping experience or high quality products.

Especially when shopping online they expect reliable, real-time information about the desired products and to reserve their product for the shopping time, as well as full support from the retailer in case of problems.

With SAP Commerce Cloud, you as a retailer already have the perfect basis to fulfill your consumers’ needs.

However, providing best customer experience not only involves streamlining the shopping process in the web shop, but also requires perfect orchestration of back end processes.

There is nothing worse than not being able to deliver a product as promised to the customer due to inefficient process or lack of information.

How can SAP Customer Order Sourcing address the business need?

The new integration enhances the processes Click & Collect and Click & Ship with functionality in the areas Available to Sell, Sourcing and Reservations.

Available to Sell

The Available to Sell functionality collects product availability information from all sources for all products into one single source of truth and makes it available to the web shop.

This means that consumers see availability information based on the real time stock. The product availability is automatically adjusted as consumers reserve products or place orders.


Reservations secure products placed in the shopping cart for consumers and therefore improve the overall shopping experience. Learn more: Use Case: Temporary Reservations.


The main benefit of SAP Customer Order Sourcing is its Sourcing capability. It enables you to create personalized sourcing strategies according to your specific business need.

Sourcing uses a powerful optimization algorithm that can be adjusted to improve either towards cost saving during the delivery process or customer experience, which could mean shipping the products as fast as possible to the customers desired location.

How does it work?

SAP Customer Order Sourcing acts as an integrating component between the front office and back office.

SAP Commerce Cloud as your front office will be connected to various back office systems like SAP ECC, or SAP S/4HANA, but also third party systems or cash registers.

The integration enables the SAP Commerce web shop to enrich the customer experience for:

Search and Browse

While searching for products, consumers can now see availability information for all products.

In the Click & Ship scenario this can be used to show whether a specific product is available for sale or not. This information can be used to:

  • either place the products in the shopping cart
  • or guide the consumer through an additional process to get notified when the product becomes available again.

In the Click & Collect scenario, the so called Store Locator is used. SAP Customer Order Sourcing verifies whether the desired product is available to sell, based on the location of the consumer and where the product is available for pickup. Sourcing is not being used in the ongoing checkout and order process.

Shopping Cart

As soon as a consumer places products in their shopping cart, the availability is checked and the product is temporarily reserved for the consumer.


During checkout the Sourcing functionality of SAP Customer Order Sourcing is executed. You can predefine different sourcing strategies in the Strategy Builder app.

Sourcing optimizes the selection of the source by applying the right strategy.

Place Order

When the order is placed, sourcing is triggered again to make sure every product is delivered to the consumer according to the predefined strategy. Want to learn how to build strategies? – Learn it here:

After the order was placed, the information is passed onto the Back Office and availability and stock information is updated.


The benefits of SAP Customer Order Sourcing integrated with SAP Commerce Cloud are clear. The only thing left for you, is to try it out yourself!

Any questions, comments or additional information wanted? Feel free to reach out to me directly or via the comment section!


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      Author's profile photo Dake Liu
      Dake Liu

      is this next generation CAR OAA?

      Author's profile photo Michele Fleck
      Michele Fleck
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Dake,

      sorry for the late answer!

      Customer Order Sourcing is a cloud-native solution with similar functionality like CAR-OAA.

      If you are interested in learning more, this blog post gives a great overview and comparison to CAR-OAA:

      Best regards


      Author's profile photo Michele Fleck
      Michele Fleck
      Blog Post Author

      It has been decided to sunset the product name "SAP Cloud Platform".
      For more information, see A Robust Platform for RISE with SAP.

      Author's profile photo Vinod Singh
      Vinod Singh

      Michele Fleck Do you know why did SAP Commerce didn't think to provide OOTB Click&Collect / Curb-side pickup deliver method and process as it has already being the most important feature in current situation ? Also could you let me know if there is anything coming with B2C accelerator on this  feature?

      Author's profile photo Michele Fleck
      Michele Fleck
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Vinod Singh,

      thank you for your question.

      My team and I are not working on SAP Commerce Cloud, but SAP Customer Order Sourcing.

      That means I can't help you with SAP Commerce related questions.
      But feel free to contact SAP Commerce product support: If you open the tab "Questions & Blogs" you should be able to ask your question and get a reply from a SAP Commerce colleague.

      Best regards


      Author's profile photo Steve Barnacle
      Steve Barnacle

      Hi Vinod,

      SAP Commerce does indeed provide click and collect / pickup OOTB since many years.