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SAP Analytics Cloud – Managing Licenses with Roles and Teams

What is the best way to manage license assignment with SAP Analytics Cloud? And how exactly do you assign an Analytics Hub ‘named user’ license with a Business Intelligence ‘concurrent session’ license to the same user?

These questions and many more are addressed in my article ‘Managing Licenses with Roles and Teams’. My article is key to eliminating misconceptions, such as incorrectly believing a role or team has a license type. They don’t and there’s no such thing as a ‘named user role’, or a ‘concurrent session team’.

I detail 3 workflows for assigning licenses of which the last enables an automated means of assigning concurrent session licenses, so no manual or repetitive steps are needed.

There are, sadly, multiple ‘gotchas’ and I explain these in detail so you can avoid them. For you to start off on the right foot and avoid any re-work, I’ve summarised my recommendations in a list of ‘Best Practices’.

My article is packed full of handy information that any SAP Analytics Cloud administrator would want to know, and I’ve answered many FAQs directly in the article. I’ve also added a few tips!

You can access my article in the wiki.

Your feedback is most welcome. Before posting a question, please do read the article carefully and take note of any replies I’ve made to others. Please hit the ‘like’ button on this article or comments to indicate its usefulness.

Many thanks

Matthew Shaw @MattShaw_on_BI

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  • What a great article!  Lots of very useful information.

    Will the assignment of Named and Concurrent session licenses ever be moved into the Menu – Security – User section rather than Roles?  It seems confusing that this assignment is a user level property but must be assigned through an (optional) role assignment.