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Author's profile photo Venkata Nagendra Kumar Varaganti

COPA Error during release of Billing Document to Financials – KE0C133 on VBELN – Conversion to SAP S/4HANA 1909

This short blog is to understand how to resolve the Error KE0C133 on VBELN  (Characteristic Value xxxx does not exist for Characteristic VBELN (Sales Document).

Background Information:

  1. You have converted SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA System with costing based COPA
  2. You are performing the testing on OTC process.
  3. At the time of releasing the Billing document  to Financials, you have encountered the below error message:

Characteristic Value xxxxxxx does not exist for characteristic VBELN (Sales Document)


The characteristic “VBELN’ (‘Sales Document’) should be posted to Profitability Analysis (CO-PA). When the System checked the entries, it was established that the transferred characteristic value (‘xxxxxxx”) is not valid in COPA

System Response:

The data is not consistent and therefore cannot be transferred to CO-PA


With the function Maintain Characteristic Values, you can add Characteristic Values to those that are valid.


Root cause:

  1. Data Model changes in SAP S/4HANA
  2. In Tcode: KEA5 – Display COPA characteristics for Operating Concern, you can find
    1. Characteristic VBELN – Sales Document is having a check table radio button with VBUK as check table.
    2. In SAPS/4HANA VBUK is changed. Refer SAP Note# 2198647

Issue Resolution:

  1. Table TKEF, enter field(FIENM) = VBELN;
  2. You will find the value in the field: check table(CHTAB) = VBUK and in the field check table field(CHFIE) = VBELN
  3. Remove these field values (chtab=VBUK and chfie= VBELN) for FIENM=VBELN from table TKEF – such that these fields will become initial afterwards in table TKEF
  4. Execute Function model RKD_SHORT_TEXT_GENERATE for APPLCLASS = KE – program RK2FGPKE gets ‘regenerated’
  5. Once the above steps are done, check the table TKEF again to see how the entries looks like for FIENM=VBELN
  6. TKEF is a CO-PA field catalog table as such, not suggested to transport as a Table.
  7. Ensure Transport the Table TKEF through Operating Concern Transport tool (Tcode: KE3I) select ABAP repository objects. This is an important Tcode for transport of Operating concern related tables. Please ensure that the target system and source system are in sync after the transport.
  8. Please do not transport as a table.
  9. Perform the testing – the billing documents should be able to release to Financials and can find the COPA Characteristics derived as expected.

This blog is based on my experience on SAP S/4HANA 1909 Conversion Project and referring SAP/OSS Notes.

SAP Note#

2198647 – S/4 HANA: Data Model Changes in SD

2764960 – Error KE0C133 due to incorrect check table VBUK after S/4HANA migration

2188996 – KBA – How to solve error KE0C133 for characteristic valuation type (BWTAR)

thank you.


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      Author's profile photo VENKATESH B

      Well articulated with resolution. Thanks for sharing and keep posting such conversion issues.