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Author's profile photo Bettina Giese

Warranty Determination in SAP S/4HANA Service Orders

When creating a service order or another service document like a service quotation or a service request, it is important for the service professional to know whether a valid warranty exists for the reference object. In SAP S/4HANA Service, the system can check whether a time-based warranty is assigned to and still valid for the assigned reference object (equipment or functional location).

Here are the steps to set up this check:

  1. Create a warranty profile:

IMG: Service > Transactions > Settings for Service Transactions > Define Profile for Warranty Check


  1. Assign the warranty profile to the relevant transaction types:

IMG: Service > Transactions > Basic Settings > Define Transaction Types


  1. Create a Characteristic for Warranty Time (or reuse an existing one):

SAP Menu: Logistics > Plant Maintenance > Management of Technical Objects > Environment > Classes > Master Data > Characteristics (transaction CT04)


  1. Define a Warranty Counter:

IMG: Plant Maintenance and Customer Service > Master Data in Plant Maintenance and Customer Service > Basic Settings > Warranties > Define Warranty Counters


  1. Create a Master Warranty:

SAP Menu: Logistics > Plant Maintenance > Management of Technical Objects > Environment > Master Warranties > Create (transaction BGM1)

On the Services tab page, maintain the service products relevant for warranty determination. Then select each service and on the Counter tab page maintain the counter you created above per service.


  1. Assign Master Warranty to Equipment or Functional Location:

SAP Menu: Logistics > Plant Maintenance > Management of Technical Objects > Equipment or Functional Location > Change (transactions IE02 or IL02)

Note: The sub screen for warranties (110) must be included in the view profile that is assigned to the equipment or functional location category. You can verify this in IMG at Plant Maintenance and Customer Service > Master Data in Plant Maintenance and Customer Service > Technical Objects > General Data > Set View Profiles for Technical Objects.


  1. Warranty Check in Service Order:

To verify that the warranty check is working, log on to the Service application (via Fiori Launchpad or with transaction WUI) with a Service role. Create a new service order and maintain the equipment or functional location ID in the corresponding field on header level. If you maintained the warranty correctly, it will be assigned to the service order and an information message is displayed:


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      Author's profile photo Soren Detering
      Soren Detering

      Well done, Bettina!

      I am curious how the 7th step influences follow-on activities, such as entitlement check and billing (or not ­čÖé for this service order?


      Author's profile photo C├ęsar Gutierrez
      C├ęsar Gutierrez

      Hello Soren,


      Did you get any answer about your question?

      I am looking for similar functionality to the warranty claims in CS. But I am not sure that this functionality is cover by CM.


      Thanks and regards,




      Author's profile photo Soren Detering
      Soren Detering

      Yes, Cesar,

      thank you for your question. Warranty claims can be integrated with service or PM orders, contact me for more information.Solution approach will depend on your situation. Feel free to contact me here or via LonkedIn

      Author's profile photo C├ęsar Gutierrez
      C├ęsar Gutierrez

      Thank you Soren,


      We have to migrate warranty functionality from SAP CRM to SAP S4 (Including Warranty Claims). We analyced S4 and we have two options:

      1. In service S4 we have warranties but we do not have this functionality (we don`t find it in SAP Documentation: Service Processes - SAP Help Portal)
      2. However this functionality exist in Customer Services (we used it before SAP CRM).

      The problem is that we have to work with the service S4 because it is integrated with service cloud (c4c).

      Is there warranties claim in service S4?

      thanks and regards,



      Author's profile photo Soren Detering
      Soren Detering

      Dear Cesar,


      congratulations to your project.

      Yes, you have options:


      • S/4 Hana Warranty Management (LO-WTY), integrate with Service Processes, i.e. PM/CS orders (aka SM Orders) with an add-on module happy to provide

      and the other paths may be an option for you, it all depends on your requirements, where you or your customer would like to land with your solution. This is a longer discussion.

      We can help you. Feel free to reach out via a private message.


      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Siva Desu
      Siva Desu

      Hi Soren,


      We need you help more information to use Warranty Claim process.

      C4C Service Ticket - > Service order in S4 Hana Customer management (Not CS)-> Warranty Claim S4 Hana

      Is it possible as per standard to create Warranty claim with reference to  Service order in S4 Customer management, any information or blogs will help us.?

      Best Regards,

      Siva Desu

      Author's profile photo Olivier Catry
      Olivier Catry

      Hi Soren,

      I'm currently working on a project. Where we use S/4 Hana 2020 (soon 2021). Main topic here is Warranty Claim: 1. Warranty Claim Management - Supplier Recovery Processing and 2. Warranty Claim Management - Customer Claim Processing.

      Could you provide me some input and guidance on the process for those and what can be covered in S/4 Hana 2020/2021.

      Kind regards,


      Author's profile photo Soren Detering
      Soren Detering

      Hello Olivier,

      thanks for reaching out. My consulting group has a focus on Warranty Claims Management. Warranty Claims Management most commonly understood as customer facing (IC/OC) claims and Supplier Recovery Processing, but not to forget the underlying warranty master data design for vehicles, equipments, serial numbers, etc.

      We regularly blog about Warranty, Supplier Recovery, the Dealer Portal, VSR, Service Contracts, Finance, Savings potential, etc. topics on our website,and Blog. Feel free to check us and our service offerings out and let us know any questions you may have.

      Also, we offer a free consultation. Contact me on LinkedIn if interested.



      Author's profile photo srinath rao
      srinath rao

      Hi Soren ,

      We have the following warranty check situation to be developed for our business in S/4 HANA:

      1. Two types of warranties are applicable to each equipment : Both are time based. Warranty A is valid for 30 days and warranty B for 90 days.
      2. When an equipment is received for repair: system should check if Warranty A is applicable. If yes repairs are governed based on warranty A.
      3. If warranty A validity has expired then system should check for validity of warranty B. If this check is positive repairs should be governed by warranty B.
      4. If validity of B has also expired then equipment is out of warranty.

      How would you suggest we handle this situation?


      Regards ,