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PRA Contractual Allocation ‘Manual’-File Upload Guidelines


US PRA (Production & Revenue Accounting) CA (contractual allocation) processing is critical prerequisite component of valuation, royalty and compliance reporting. Certain business requirements may necessitate usage of method ‘CA Manual Allocation’.

This post describes sequence-wise steps for execution of ‘CA Manual Allocation’. For each step, it also guides/suggests/recommends various manual checks/validations to ensure that data upload is successful.


  • ‘CA Manual’ Allocation Method is Activated
  • ‘CA Manual’ file preparation is done manually, outside SAP system
  •  Upload of prepared CA Manual is done via standard SAP Tcode

CA Manual File Upload Step-Wise Guidelines:

Step 1: Template Download(O3U_CA039)

 This is executed one time to download the file in specified CA manual format.

Step 2: Upload Mass Data(O3U_CA039)

File in specified format has to uploaded as CA manual data input.

File path is to be specified and ‘Simulate’ mode is to be active before upload.

Step 3: Validations in Simulate ‘Delete’ Mode: (O3U_CA039)

New records can be either created or deleted. For deletion of records, in the file first field DEL_IND is to be marked X and all record details be filled.This ensures that existing record with specific parameters get deleted.

This can be used to delete records EN MASSE. Same file data which was used for creation of records can be marked X and all records will get deleted.

In Simulation mode, standard SAP program will make all validations before deletion and provide output whether deletion is possible or not, as shown below

In the ‘Update’ mode specific records get deleted with specific messages.

Its advisable that specific volume/energy/BTU factor of record is used as input to delete specific record.

Step 4: Validations in Simulate  ‘Create’ Mode:

Sample file attached above shows various fields, which are critical to enter in file.


  • Unless MP volume upload scenario, No Value to be entered in field ‘MP_NO’, MP value to be entered only in ORIG_MP only.
  • Don’t keep contract, transporter, well, DN as blank. It may cause data inconsistency.
  • Please ensure to enter all correct values and check output of simulation mode.
  • Please ensure that format of volume/energy is number only.
  • Do ensure to enter correct UOM for gas, oil and NGLs(Natural Gas Liquids).
  • Ensure that date is entered in specific user format of Decimal or hyphen(Date/value).
  • Any ABAP short dump during simulate is indicative of incorrect file format/values.
  • Please sure that Gas Energy is validated to be multiplication of volume and BTU factor. This validation should be build in as business process, otherwise wrong CA can result.
  • ‘DEL_IND’ should only be entered for file, wherein deletion of specific records is to be done. For deletion cases, values(volume, BTU factor and energy) can be kept blank. Program will ensure that all records with specified well, MP, contract, product code gets deleted.

Step 5: Validations And Messages During Update Mode

During the update mode, there may be certain cases, wherein program gives an error message. Following could be the cause of same.

Tolerance Check:

If well level totals of CA manual file are not matching with Well level total from production data within specified tolerance percentage, following error message gets generated.

This message is indicative to user to reconcile CA file values with production data(SALES-1) and validate if upload is feasible.

Deletion Check:

It is possible to delete the specific set of data, using the same file(used for creation/update of data).  For example, file with following input data is uploaded with X(DEL_IND). The requirement is to delete these 3 specific rows from the tables.

Please do ensure to execute CA after lines are deleted, so that impact of same can be captured in reexecuted CA manual.

Simulation mode also shows whether deletion would be feasible or not.

During update mode, messages show whether deletion was successful or not.Please note, only when deletion indicator is marked X, deletion done.

For other cases, values can be modified, deleted, changed, however well/MP/contract will continue to exist.

Step 6: Deletion/Modification Of Data Via Standard SAP Transaction : O3U_CA36 

Specific well level data record can be deleted/modified using this transaction, without having to use file.



  • Please make note of each above mentioned step to ensure end to end process understanding
  • Incorrect data upload may be difficult to correct/delete/modify record-wise.
  • Requisite file preparation should have be validated/audited/verified by business users.
  • Do ensure to complete template/data input requirements to avoid ABAP short dumps.
  • Ensure that relevant SAP notes as prerequisites are installed to ensure standard latest validations



Source of Screenshots/Data:

Above mentioned/displayed screenshots/data have been prepared by me in test environment without relevance to any actual production/client environment.

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