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Decentral SAP® Extended Warehouse Management on S/4HANA: Integration Setup Made Easy

We recently announced some enhancements to decentral EWM on S/4HANA within the Feature Pack 1 of SAP Extended Warehouse Management S/4HANA 1909 (which you can find by accessing this link). Today I’d like to draw your attention to some updates of the integration guide[1] that have been made in this context. You may find the integration guide as an attachment to SAP note 2840129:

Setup Configuration of IDoc Communication with Reports:

Since the manual creation of the reduced message types is an error-prone and time-consuming process, we provide an option to automatically create the reduced message types according to the framework described in the guide. Furthermore, various customizing with regard to ALE was automated. Sections covered by the setup reports are identified by a note in the guide. Manual steps have been retained for completeness so you can decide whether you want to do the manual steps or run the setup reports.

You may find more details in Chapter 6.1 of the Integration Guide.

Converting Data Between Sender and Receiver

Due to the usage of reduced message types in decentralized EWM, only a subset of all maintained fields and views are transferred to the decentralized EWM. In order to prevent any errors, this chapter presents several options (conversion rules) with which you can ensure that the maintained views for a material are transferred correctly.

You may find more details in Chapter 6.6 of the Integration Guide.

Activating enhanced settings for data transfer

The setup of advanced settings for data transfer has also been automated (e.g. filter according to plant / storage location or other organizational units). This allows you to flag the receiving system as EWM system and for example make sure that only this system receives the batch characteristics but no other receiving systems.

Transfer of Batches

With regards to the distribution of batches you may also want to check SAP note 2862283 that is mentioned in the appendix D of the integration guide. This note allows you to send batch characteristics with BATMAS to an EWM system without BAdI implementation for specific filtering.

Furthermore, our integration guide explains in the above-mentioned chapters how to set up batch distribution filters for distributing only those batches of materials that have been distributed before. The guide also explains how to implement a plant/storage location filter for materials so that only materials with a specific plant view (MARC) are sent.

To sum up, the following configuration possibilities exist:

  • Sending material for certain plants/storage locations
  • Sending batches for previously distributed materials
  • Sending batch characteristics if the receiving system is an EWM system

For more information about SAP Extended Warehouse Management, please follow us on social media, our YouTube channel or our community pages:

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[1] When I talk about integration guide, I am referring to the How-to-Guide: Integration of SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA with decentralized EWM in S/4HANA


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      Author's profile photo Teodoro Perez
      Teodoro Perez

      Thanks Jeorg for the information.

      Could you please explain how the plant need to be created in EWM? It needs to be created with all the tables (for example copied from plan 0001 ) o just a "dummy" plant with code and description.

      I found the text in the guide "Here you assign the plant you created in chapter 7.5 to the company code" but I can not find how to create the plant.


      Author's profile photo Juergen Pitz
      Juergen Pitz


      the sentence you quoted is in chapter 7.5 of the guide. This chapter is one page and includes all the steps you have to go through...

      OK, before that it explains to compare the table T001W, which is really only necessary if you need ALL the plants you have in your ERP system.



      Author's profile photo Jacob Cederborg
      Jacob Cederborg

      Hi Joerg

      You are mentioning note 2862283. It is explained that quote "This note allows you to send batch characteristics with BATMAS to an EWM system without BAdI implementation for specific filtering."

      I am not sure it is mentioned how to setup filtering for characteristics. Can the guide be updated with more extensive explanations on this topic

      Best regards