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Blog It Forward- Sven Huberti

You have been mentioned in a Blog“.

What? Why would someone talk about me in a blog?

That was my reaction when I saw that Raffael Herrmann mentioned me in his “BIF” (not the one from Back to the Future, but BIF as in “Blog it forward”) article. I did not know about this but found it quite cool: get to know more about people that inspire you! And it’s better than the Ice Bucket Challenge.

So after reading through some more details, I realised there was no way out of this, so here I am! 🙂

About me

Born in Joigny, France, on a beautiful 24th of April (as far as I remember).

I studied in Dijon (BTEC Higher National Diploma) and Paris (Master’s Degree in Engineering), worked 3-4 years in Paris, 6 months in Cambridge (UK), a year in Marseille, and moved to Mannheim, Germany in 2005.

I thought a Map would help to understand it. It doesn’t, but still here it is:

In the last years, my employers were Calendra, Caisse d’Epargne, BMC Software, Oracle, Apigee/Google and lately SAP.

I have mainly been doing pre-sales for topics such as Identity and Access Management, Middleware and Integration – from worldwide engagements to local ones.

And since 2012 we are living in Lorsch, a nice little town between Frankfurt and Walldorf.

If you are into history, Lorsch is pretty interesting: a 8th century building in excellent condition (UNESCO monument) and especially a village reconstruction from the 10th century – perfect to get rid of your phone for the time of a visit!


Fun fact

With a dutch wife, being french and living in Germany, our kids sometimes get confused on what language to talk. And Esperanto is not a solution 🙂

Questions I got asked…

How do you select which topic you invest time in / what you want to learn (at a time when there are new frameworks, programming languages and techniques every day)?

There are 2 ways I select topics: from customer-demand and from what I see gaining traction in my news-feed.

As a Presales I bring value to the table by helping customers understand our products in their project context. Hence I need and like to drill-down into the details of what customers are asking me. For instance, hybrid Integration and API Management are 2 hot topics right now so this is were I invest most of my time.

On the other hand, when I read interesting articles in my news-feed, I start digging into them. For instance I read about the Digital Integration Hub topic – which I found very compelling for explaining integration to my customers better.

If you were given by your work a full day every week to do whatever you feel like, what would it be?

I would do multiple, different things every single day: mountain-biking, gardening, activities with the kids (swimming, climbing, playing board games, …). Maybe I would also simply start to do what I have been thinking of since years: learning Paragliding. However, that takes a lot of time so for the time being it’s not really compatible with family-activities.

Name the person who affected you most in your career/ way of thinking and why?

Many persons affected my career and my way of thinking: I took over habits from elder colleagues to stay calm in any situation. I learned from my managers to not take things personally if my employer is being bashed in a meeting. I’ve seen friends “climb up the ladder” up to very high ranked positions, to eventually understand that I like what I am doing and I do not need more responsibility, power, money to be happy.

(optional) Recommend resources of information that helped you in your work

Helping in my work on a day-to-day basis are:

  • Handelsblatt
  • FAZ
  • Golem
  • TechCrunch
  • Our internal Portal/Jam Site
  • ComputerWoche
  • Wired
  • Google Discovery

Not to forget: face-to-face discussions with my colleagues!

Next ones…

When I started working at SAP, I was impressed by her level of knowledge and her ability to present things in a simple manner. Also, not easy to move from beautiful Kerala, in India, to the cold and culturally so different Baden-Würtemberg :-). So I would like to forward this “BIF” to Divya Mary

The second person I would like to invite writing something about himself is Florian Wahl. I met him just a couple of years ago but we got along very well, sharing same interests and ideas.

My personal questions to them would be: what was your biggest moment in life, personally and/or professionally speaking?

Happy biffing!

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      Author's profile photo Raffael Herrmann
      Raffael Herrmann

      Hi Sven,

      I'm glad to see you've risen to the challenge. Whew! France, Netherlands, Germany & UK and in between another Esperanto reference - now I finally know who at SAP does the translation API. 😛

      I find it exciting how you interpreted my question about the one day off. When I formulated the question, I was actually thinking about what someone would do if he or she had a day off from the office in sende of having no projects/customer task. I thought of answers like "I would push innovative projects", "intrapreneurship", "learn new skills". That one can read the question in a completely different way only occurred to me when I saw your answer. 🙂

      Best regards,

      Author's profile photo Sven Huberti
      Sven Huberti
      Blog Post Author

      Hey Raffael,

      yes, the translation API is what I do as a side-job ?

      And in regards to the free day: damn! I should have said “install the SCP on a Rasberry Pi” then…

      Actually, I saw a graphical representation about the time we spend at work since 200 years lately, and it has been declining steadily. So I guess I was conditioned by this idea of having more time for yourself, than for your employer.

      And I like the idea of “Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen”: I guess I would do gardening (for others and myself) and programming if I was given money to do whatever I want in my time.

      All the best!


      Author's profile photo Svea Becker
      Svea Becker

      Hi Sven Huberti thanks for sharing your blog post. I think we don't know each other, but we have one thing in common: we both work for SAP 🙂
      And as I follow the #BlogItForward challenge I have been notified about your blog post. Then I realized we are almost neighbors: I live in Lampertheim, quite close to Lorsch and we both have almost the same name - enough reasons for me to say "hello" and "thank you" for being part of this challenge! It's really fun! 🙂

      Author's profile photo Morten Wittrock
      Morten Wittrock

      Nice Back to the Future reference there 😀

      Author's profile photo Susan Keohan
      Susan Keohan

      Hi Sven, and welcome to the #blogitforward family!

      Ha, LOL with a Back to the Future reference!  It fondly reminds me of a TechEd a few years go...

      Ivan Femia was dressed as Doc Brown, and we danced our silly feet off to the SAP Jam Band.  Good times?

      I absolutely love your pictures!  And the map :-).

      It would be so fun if you and Svea Becker have a real life #BlogItForward meetup, and share video with the community.

      Thanks so much for sharing,