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Author's profile photo Venkata Saikrishna Bollineni

Import data using SAP Analytics Cloud connecting to SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) HANA database using OData


My name is Venkata Saikrishna, working as as part of  Product Management in SAP Analytics Cloud area.

In this blog post, I would like to address – how to import data into SAP Analytics Cloud connecting to SAP Cloud Platform HANA database through oData connection.

Note: As import data connection involves copying data from the data source into SAP Analytics Cloud, it is recommended to perform this activity with only smaller size datasets.

Steps to perform at SAP Cloud platform level: 

  1. Browse to SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit ( or other)
  2. Under DATABASE SYSTEMS cick Database
  3. Click the DB/Schema ID you wish to work with
  4. Click SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench
  5. Under SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench click Security
  6. Log in as SYSTEM
  7. Expand Security > Users and select the User you wish to use for development (can be SYSTEM)
  8. Grant Role sap.hana.ide.roles::Developer to the selected user and click Save
  9. Click Logout
  10. Under SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench click Editor
  11. Log in as your development user (can be SYSTEM)
  12. Create a Package for your OData Services or select an existing Package
  13. Right-click the Package and choose Create Application
    • Template: Empty application (with XSAccess and XSApp)
    • Package: Desired Package for your OData Services
    • Click Create
  14. Delete index.html
  15. Change .xsaccess content to {“exposed” : true} and save
  16. Develop the OData Services
    • For a Table create <myservice>.xsodata as service {“<SCHEMA>”.”<TABLE>” as “<Name you want>”;}
    • For a Calculation View create <myservice>.xsodata as service {“<PACKAGE>/<ANALYTIC VIEW>.calculationview” as “<Name you want>” key (“<Key Field>”);}
  17. Data Service URL: http://<HCP DB URL>/<PACKAGE>/<myservice>.xsodata


Steps to Import the data into SAP Analytics Cloud:

  1. Connect to your SAP Analytics Cloud Tenant
  2. Select “Connection” from the “Main Menu”
  3. Click “+” to “Add Connection”
  4. Click “”Import Data Connection > OData”
  5. Connection Name: <Name of your choice>
  6. Description: <Description of your choice>
  7. Data Source Type: OData Services
  8. [Unchecked] Connect to an On-Premise OData Service
  9. [Checked] Connect to an SAP OData service
  10. Data Service URL: <See step 17. above>
  11. Authentication Type: Basic Authentication
  12. User Name: <Your SCP User Name>
  13. Password: <Your SCP Password>
  14. Click “Create”


For more details on oData Services: HANA Development: XS OData Services


Conclusion: If you would like to import the data from SAP Cloud platform HANA database, above is the recommended process.

Hope this helps. Thanks for reading this blog post!

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      Author's profile photo Jay Adnure
      Jay Adnure

      Thank You Sai for sharing these steps. Can you please let me know how can I get a trial instance to try these steps?

      Author's profile photo Venkateswara Guptha
      Venkateswara Guptha

      Hi Jay,


      I believe you are looking for the SAC trail account, if so, here is the link for the same

      If it is about SCP, Sai already mentioned the same in the blog.


      Regards, Venkat.