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Manufacturers! Welcome This New Year with Next-Gen ERP

Yey! So, the new year began with a lot of hopes and aspirations spreading cheer all over. Have you made a wishlist as to what you are going to achieve this year? New year resolutions? Do you have it all or planned well for an enjoyable journey to this year? Yes, I made it all. I wanted to ensure everything remains perfect. I did not leave any stone unturned to make the new year special for me. I enjoyed listening to my favorite songs, met my family and friends, budgeted a plan and ensured my home blossoms, and adorned with decorations. 

As a person, I ensured the starting of my year is fabulous and I am not stressed out or regret not doing something I should have. I have a few of my pals who are manufacturers. So, they were naturally excited for the new year at the same time stressed out as they have to juggle multiple responsibilities. The time is critical and clocking fast for all my manufacturers’ friends where they want to get their products faster, keeping the cost line low, producing higher-quality goods and delighting their customers. Above all, the relentless pressure to produce better, competitive, cheaper products is often the most difficult challenge. This is a challenging conundrum. 

which brings us to a discussion of SAP Business One 

The pressure is immense for all manufacturers and we know. The list of products that need to be produced is never-ending. Be it eyewear, dental mods, jewelry, clothes, kitchenware, smartphone, bottles, plastics, musical instruments, spare parts, medicines – the list seems endless. Over half of the best-run players are using advanced and next-gen platforms like SAP Business to mitigate their business challenges such as:  

  • Comply with strict global regulations
  • Track inventory wise, item, warehouse and lot wise 
  • Increase productivity 
  • Mitigate losses and spoilage 
  • Ensuring quality at every level  
  • Timely Order Fulfilment 
  • Production Scheduling 
  • Inventory Management 
  • Managing a variety and multi-levels bills of materials 
  • Avoid out-of-stock situations 

The manufacturing industry be it discrete or process is replete with multiple challenges. Further, segregation based on the type of manufacturing unit such as plastic, automobile, garments, electronics, paper, industrial equipment, furniture, household goods, aerospace makes it even more demanding. 

SAP Business One as a differentiator 

No two businesses are the same and SAP Business One offers functionality like no other.  The benefits that SAP Business One is offering to manufacturers are hard to ignore such as-  

1) Breaking down traditional silos

In fast-growing manufacturing units, many teams are functioning and often working in silos. To increase their collaboration so that they can function better, there requires an ERP software India. The software that can eliminate internal silos; bring warehouse, production, scheduling, quality, and every single department to be on the same page. SAP Business One works by being the #1 choice for all manufacturers worldwide. 

2) Accurately predicting demand

SAP Business One helps managers to accurately predict demand, understand sales projections better. This helps the production team to control the manufacturing of those products whose demand is less and fasten the manufacturing of products with high demand.  

3) Managing your orders seamlessly

Customer expectations and supply chain complexity is not something new. It is more critical to deliver the goods on time and ensure a seamless experience for your customers. SAP Business One order management modules automate all vital functions such as from allocations to execution processes. This feature helps deliver the perfect order without any hassle and confusion. 

So, whether you are newbie, upcoming companies to established manufacturers, SAP Business One empowers all manufacturers to scale their business by using a future-proof solution. All too often, many leading companies are set back with legacy software and manual processes hindering performance and business growth. The SAP Business One manufacturing ERP provides BOM management, supply chain management, order management, product data management, planning and scheduling, procurement, and so much more. Trusted by over 60,000 customers across the globe, this is the software that you would need in this new year 2020 to automate mission-critical tasks and future proof your growing business.   

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