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SAP Landscape Management (LaMa) Automation Studio

Update 2023: New links added


This blog acts as an easy reference point for documentation and other blogs related to the use of SAP Landscape Management (LaMa) Automation Studio. See the list at the bottom of this page.

What is Automation Studio? This is a functionality within SAP LaMa that allows customers to easily extend, customize, modify, or even replace existing workflows within the solution. You can also easily integrate other tools with LaMa using Automation Studio.

The table below lists some of the customization types that are supported with automation studio:

Extension Description
Custom hooks Custom specific functionalities to extend predefined actions, for example, run cleanipc each time you stop a system.
Custom operations Custom specific action buttons to define your own operations, for example, create restart HostAgent operation.
Custom notifications Custom specific definitions, when you want to receive a notification, for example, receive message for failed activities.
Custom processes Custom specific process chains, to combine operations, for example, change profile parameter and re-start the instance.
Custom provisioning processes Custom specific process for system provisioning, for example, backup/restore via script.
Custom tabs Custom specific tabs to access further tools and home pages within LaMa, for example, including SAP help into LaMa.
Custom links Custom specific external applications can be called via custom links, for example, call NWA from LaMa.
Custom properties Custom specific properties like username of custom instances, for example, username.
Custom instances Custom specific non-SAP applications can be added, for example, add mail server to LaMa.
Custom dependencies Custom specific dependencies between systems, for example, start system x before system y.

Example of Automation Studio Visual Editor.

Use Cases

The use cases are numerous but here are a few that our customers have implemented (or are in the process) with Automation Studio.

  • Stop/Start for OS patching
  • Custom Provisioning
  • SAP Profile Parameter Change
  • nZDM Process
  • Scheduled Automation (e.g. End-to-End Refresh)
  • Automated OS Patching
  • Mass OS level password changes (sapadm, <sid>adm etc.)
  • SAP Host Agent Updates
  • OS version upgrades
  • Automated suspend of cloud instances (e.g. application servers)
  • Integrate HA clustering software with SAP LaMa (cluster commands executed part of LaMa operations)

List of Documentation/Blogs

1. SAP LaMa Automation Studio Official Guide
2. Automatic Patch Management
3. SAP HANA Replication Status based on SAP HANA HA/DR Hook
4. How to use SAP Landscape Management custom validations
5. Diagnostics Agent provisioning with LaMa
6. Automation SAP Kernel Upgrade Maintenance Using LaMa
7. [GERMAN] Kundenspezifische Betriebsprozesse managen mit SAP Landscape Management (LaMa)
8. How To Integrate SUSE LINUX Enterprise High Availability Extension 12 with SAP Landscape Management 3.0
9. Custom Database Refresh (SAP ASE – also known as Sybase Database)
10. Outgoing API Calls from LaMa (for direct outbound API calls refer to #16 below)
11. Transfer Parameters of Custom Operation or Hook in LaMa
12. RFC Operations with LaMa
13. Kernel Backup, Upgrade and Parameter Validation with E-mail Alerts (LaMa Standard Edition)
14. Start/Stop PI Channels
15. Custom Database Refresh (Oracle)
16. REST API Provider (Outbound REST API)
17. Job Maintenance
18. SUSE Manager
19. Sybase Update
20. Work Mode Management

As more blogs and documentation becomes available, they will be added to the above list.

Note: We also have a GitHub site where sample scripts for Automation Studio are available.

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      Author's profile photo Biral Gajjar
      Biral Gajjar

      Hello Naeem,

      Thank you for blog. Can  one can automate SAP Addons / SAP Plugins / SAP  Components Upgrade / NW Upgrade with this tool?  If not ,are there any other automated tool available.

      Kind Regards


      Author's profile photo Naeem Maqsud
      Naeem Maqsud
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Biral,

      Please take a look at the blog Custom ASE Database Refresh where silent mode software provisioning manager (swpm) is used. The same concept can be applied to some of your use cases. Virtually anything that can be scripted can be called with LaMa Automation Studio.



      Author's profile photo Vijay Radhakrishnan
      Vijay Radhakrishnan

      Hi Naeem,


      Can I know if custom operations are available with LAMA 3.0 standard edition?





      Author's profile photo Naeem Maqsud
      Naeem Maqsud
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Vijay,

      Yes but with limitations. Please take a look at the below 2 links and see the difference for automation studio in LaMa SE and LaMa EE.

      LaMa SE:

      LaMa EE:



      Author's profile photo Sanjoy Bhaumik
      Sanjoy Bhaumik

      Hi Naeem,


      Excellent blog, full of information and knowledge. Can you also publish refreshing HANA database using Refresh Processes  --> Refresh Database method? I was trying to perform this but got stuck at the very beginning as it was not able to detect tenant db backup though there was backup in the file systems configured.

      Thanks & Regards,


      Author's profile photo Naeem Maqsud
      Naeem Maqsud
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Sanjoy,

      I believe that you are referring to the Custom ASE Database Refresh blog above. In the case of HANA the refresh option is already a built-in feature of LaMa and therefore no custom process is needed. The error you mention may be due to HDB backup share not configured for the source system, or the source and target relationship is not setup correctly.

      Please refer to this link:



      Author's profile photo Steve Mascherino
      Steve Mascherino


      Great information.  I am in the infra space and just started working with an SAP environment. Regarding Automation Studio, can we stop/start all SAP systems via script so we can patch operating systems?  The link in the blog refers to post from 2018 which indicated that Hana Databases could not be fully automated as of yet.



      Author's profile photo Naeem Maqsud
      Naeem Maqsud
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Steve,

      Not sure what link you are referring to but HANA is more automated with LaMa than any other database. Back to your OS patching question, yes LaMa automation studio can handle HANA.