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SAP Business Application Studio is Generally Available!

Three months ago, we announced the beta release of SAP Business Application Studio, and today we are happy to announce that SAP Business Application Studio  has recently been released to customers on Azure, AWS, Ali-Cloud.


SAP Business Application Studio is the next generation of the iconic 😉 SAP Web IDE. It aims to significantly improve the development experience by providing developers more control over their environment and code.

SAP Business Application Studio comes out of the box with predefined set of development environments – Dev-Spaces (virtual machine on the cloud where you can develop, build, test and run using pre-installed runtimes and tools) tailored for developing SAP business scenarios.

As the product evolves*, additional SAP scenarios and technologies will be added. The product will introduce a series of productivity tools that aim to improve the development efficiency and reduce the total cost of ownership. Some examples for the productivity tools: wizards, project templates, service consumption tool, deployment tool, graphical editors and more. The official roadmap will be released soon.

for additional product updates Follow the SAP Business Application Studio community page. 


SAP Business Application Studio is now generally available on SAP’s Multi-Cloud environment (Cloud Foundry) for productive use.

The SAP Business Application trial environment is planned to be available for test and evaluation in the upcoming weeks.

SAP Web IDE Full stack will continue to be available and supported. SAP Cloud Platform, Neo customers should continue using SAP Web IDE as their recommended development environment.


SAP Business Application Studio is available with the following payment models:

  • Consumption-based pricing

Customers can prepay for consumption of Cloud Platform services with cloud credits.

  • Subscription based pricing

Customers can purchase the SAP Business Application service for a fixed price. Contact your account executive to purchase SAP Business Application Studio.

*This is the current state of planning and may be changed by SAP at any time.

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    • Correct me if I’m wrong (It’s hard to find concrete information on this). But since BAS utilizes much of the same components of VS.Code you can already to a lot of development in VS.Code. That’s what we did in the Business Intelligence Training last september. Actual local execution in the form of workstation based containers would then be very nice and promote multiple developers working on separate features (branching).

  • Hi,

    is this currently not available for partner accounts? I can’t find the subscription anywhere in our Cloud Foundry subaccount.

    Is it planned to release it to partner accounts in the future?



  • FWIW, i think i caught an early glimpse when renewing one of my P accounts the other day, but that got mangled with authentication – my S account renews in 2 days, so there will be another chance. in any event not a big fan of VSCode, but ok with MIT license, i think.

  • I would really like to try this out, but management says they can’t find it in PartnerEdge. Will BAS eventually be available there and if yes, when?


    • Hello Frederik,

      I have just tried it and it is possible. The easiest option is to download vscode extension. Drag the .vsix file from your computer to a directory in SAP Business Application Studio. Then open command search: View->Find Command-> “Deploy Plugin By Id”

      Then you should enter the “directory” which contains the .vsix file and hit Enter.

      If you uploaded it under “YourFioriApp” directory, you should enter something like:


      You can check the result from your browser’s console. You may need to refresh the page.