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Build a Custom Widget using 3rd Party Libraries in SAP Analytics Cloud


In this blog, we will build a google gauge widget in SAP Analytics Cloud by using 3rd party libraries.





(If you don’t have server for static files)



How to Build a Custom Chart

This is a step by step video for creating custom widget using 3rd party library.



In this blog, we saw how to build a custom widget using 3rd party chart library. When you are publishing the custom widget for production use, you can use AWS D3 or upload node.js middleware on SAP Cloud Platform to serve static files.




Other helpful blog : How to build custom widget on SAC

Help SAP : SAP Analytics Cloud Custom Widget Developer Guide

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  • Hi Sungyoul,

    thanks so much, this was really helpful. I ended up using Express with localhost & https instead (following [1] and adapting your server.js accordingly), in order have a stable URL on which to find the js/png/json for googleGauge (namely https://localhost:3001/static/googleGauge.js).

    Your vlog was superly helpful and really well-made.

    Cheers, Jan