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Why SAP Leonardo Is The Future Of Intelligent ERP

SAP Leonardo is the latest offering from the SAP line of products that deals with the cutting edge of technological advancement. With Leonardo, businesses can now have access to a wide range of new technology all with the ability to seamlessly interface with other SAP products. The result is a truly advanced system for any business that might find themselves in need of systems for the transmission and storage of IoT data or a proprietary blockchain system. Leonardo has allowed SAP to push the boundaries of what businesses can experience and use, and by doing so has brought the newest wave of technology directly to their users’ doors.

A Layer of Abstraction

In the programming world, abstraction allows a coder to approach a potential design problem from a different perspective, without having to look too close at the component parts of a class or object. What Leonardo does for the SAP community is allow them to approach their problems from a similar perspective. It encourages users to find innovative solutions to the problems facing their businesses while at the same time offering them easy ways to implement those solutions that are compatible with their existing infrastructure. It’s not just about providing new technology to users, it’s about giving them fresh options to generate the solutions their businesses need.

A New Way to Interface

The key element of SAP Leonardo that makes it such an exciting commodity to explore is the way it can be used to innovate. Utilizing the SAP Cloud, a company can theoretically create Fiori apps that can directly interface with IoT systems that are located on-site. From there the system can be set up to automatically learn what’s going on and allow it to adapt to the real-world processes that may affect its performance. The recommendations it makes can be accepted or vetoed as seen fit, still allowing the digital marketing agency company a level of control while at the same time utilizing the best and most efficient method of gathering and processing data.

Logistics, Supply, and IoT with SAP Leonardo

As mentioned before, IoT offers a lot of scope for dealing with logistics, timing of shipping and adjusting numbers depending on product moved. With a proper IoT interface, a company can monitor the progress of goods in transit, sometimes up to their exact geographical location if needs be. Combining these things with existing architecture in a SAP S/4 HANA install, a company can then assess the current logistical processes and tighten up the areas where the system needs to be streamlined. In other situations, the IoT interface can be used to make better, more efficient use of raw materials as well as automatically monitor the quality of products simply by including a sensor that sends back information automatically to the database about the finished products. The bigger picture allows for integration with SAP and non-SAP systems in order to bring about an integrated system that helps companies discover new things about their efficiency and production quality.

Long Term Growth Through Machine Learning

Another fantastic advance in the implementation of systems with SAP Leonardo is the inclusion of machine learning. While it is possible to train custom models for any purpose, the packaged systems can usually cover as much as 80% of the needs of any company. SAP’s S/4 HANA incorporates machine learning as part of its invoicing and cash reconciliation system, and this is simply an extension of a system along those lines, but with a lot wider coverage. Machine learning might take time to start working, but the training is simple enough so that it doesn’t need specialized personnel to implement it. The longer it’s used, the more evident the benefits of the system will be.

A Brand you can Trust

SAP is already known for its enterprise-level products. Companies all over the world utilize SAP for their database hosting, management and application development needs. It’s because of this extensive experience in the world of corporate data that SAP is uniquely poised to show off exactly what new technology can do for business. These new technology advancements are available to any company and SAP provides a robust and substantial background that users can build on and improve to suit their particular needs. It’s this adaptation that sets SAP Leonardo head and shoulders above any other company offering enterprise level solutions incorporating new technology in it. The name that always stands out is SAP Leonardo.

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