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Out-of-the-box integration for credit card payments in S/4HANA

This blog describes how SAP digital payments add-on can simplify the connection between business applications in S/4HANA and payment service providers

Enterprises doing business globally via various selling channels and with changing business models (i.e. B2C, B2B, online shops, POS) need to offer digital payment methods such as credit card or real-time payments like PayPal to their customers. To do so, SAP customers (especially in ECC) used to build and maintain point-to-point connections from their SAP software systems to their Payment Service Providers (PSP) – clearly a complex and maintenance intensive process for their IT department. A change of service provider or introduction of a new payment method was usually only possible via another cost intensive implementation project. Not to mention the risk of data loss if critical credit card data is stored in the ERP and the high costs for PCI DSS* certification resulting from this.

SAP therefore provides a new integration platform running in the SAP Cloud Platform (public cloud), enabling out-of-the-box and standardized connections between various business applications and the PSPs:


SAP digital payments add-on is the alternative to complex customer-specific implementations with built-in integration to various SAP / non SAP products and components:

  • Out-of-the-box integration into various SAP and non-SAP order/sale-to-cash processes
    (B2B, B2C, online shops, etc.)**
  • Offers flexibility and access to multiple digital payment methods while automating cash reconciliation
  • Reduces audit costs and supports secure incoming payment card & other real time payment transactions using tokenization – no sensitive data is stored in the ERP
  • Compliant according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
  • Stable and harmonized interfaces for all SAP and also non-SAP solutions
  • Operation, maintenance, and support of connectivity centrally managed by SAP (SaaS) – no need for customers to operate SAP Cloud Platform individually

As part of the official SAP roadmap, new payment service providers are planned in the upcoming releases. Using a self-enablement approach, partners are welcome to integrate to SAP’s platform via partner API and offering their services to all SAP customers. More PSPs are currently finalizing their integration and certification and thus will become available to all SAP customers soon.
Your PSP of choice is not yet listed? Please approach SAP and we will do our best and work together with our customers to make it happen!

More information on available Payment Services Providers, functions and features:

Partner News:

*Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
** Integration to other SAP solutions (e.g. SAP ECC) or non-SAP solution possible on project base
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  • Hi Charlie


    SAP DPAO can also integrate with S/4HANA on premise, but the functionality is only provided as part of the public cloud solution. In order to make use of it, customers will need to subscribe and as part of this, they can consume all services delivered (including upgrade, maintenance, operations, etc.) and integrate them into the various consumer applications such as Business Partner, Accounting or online shops. Implementation is done easily by simply connecting to the cloud service without huge implementation effort on the customer side. I hope this answers your question (sorry for the late reply, your Q unfortunately got missed during summer break...)#

    Best regards Nicole

  • Hi Nicole,

    is Adyen on the list as future partner for this solution as well, or no plans known, yet?

    Do you know if any of the available partners is offering an integration into Adyen as alternative to a native/direct integration?

    Thanks for your feedback,


    • Hi Volker,

      Indeed, Adyen is another partner we are currently in contact with and based on various customer requests, they are also now exploring a potential integration with our payment platform. If your company / your customer is already in contact with Adyen, you can surely let them know that SAP and Adyen can nicely work together in this case - sometimes there are different contacts involved, but I am happy to make the connection with our partner manager and our Adyen contact if needed.

      Best regards Nicole

  • Hi Nicole,


    Is this functionality able to Integrate to a Physical terminal(EFTPOS) ? We have a requirement for our customer who will implement SAP BRIM (On premise) to integrate with physical terminals for payment. Helpful if you can provide any direction to achieve this. Thanks




    • Hello Srinivas

      in general, SAP DP is ready to process Terminal Payments. Limiting factor however is the Payment Service Provider integration for the terminal solutions. SAP S/4HANA and SAP digital payments should be ready, if PSP fulfill the following requirements:

      • Payment Service Providers / Products for Terminal Payments need to integrate, e.g. Telecash by First Data or Ingenico
      • Payment Service Provider needs to provide the preparation interface
      • Payment Service Provider needs to provide the Payment Transactions as Digital Advice

      To conclude, it mainly depends on the PSP the customer plans to use if DP can support or not. You can contact me directly via Email with the details of the chosen PSP of your customer so that we can check in more details.

      Best regards Nicole

  • Hi Nicole

    For an embarking BRIM project for at my customer we also aim to have a new PSP. Is there an updated list of the PSP's which are fully integrated with the Digital payment add on and have a stable history? This would help us to decide on the PSP.

    Secondly I don't find a lot of implementation guidelines in regards to the trigger in the Convergent Invoicing back-end towards the PSP. In our project the business requires a daily mass-payment request to the PSP after consumption is billable/billed for a variable amount where the customer provided a one-time consent/authorization on his credit card or bank account. It's a kind of SEPA DD with an FPY1 payment run but send to the PSP instead of the bank.

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,

  • Hello Eli

    concerning PSPs available:

    • Cybersource
    • Paymetric
    • PayPal
    • SnapPay (from FiServ / FirstData)
    • Stripe

    PSPs in final certification phase (available in the next days/weeks)

    • PayFabric (from EVO Payments / Delego)
    • SmartPay (from Barclaycard) ->

    PSPs in implementation phase

    • Ingenico
    • Worldpay
    • ...


    Concerning your second point: S/4HANA Convergent Invoicing  / Contract Account is out-of-the-box integrated with SAP digital payments. The required processing is supported for Credit Cards payments. Please refer also to SAP help:

    Kind regards, Martin







  • Hi,

    So out-of-the box means: there are no extra license costs or transactional fees to be paid for this add-on/functionality? Both for the integrated scenario using S4/HANA Convergent invoicing as for the non-SAP solution (customer mobile app/webshop) using an API?

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,

    • Hello Eli

      The SAP digital payment add-on is a Software-as-a-Service offering. The pricing of this service is transaction based. A transactions are for example the registration of a new Payment Card or an executed payment. In a process chain with different steps (Payment Authorization in an online shop for an existing card, Reauthorization in Billing, Capture and Reconciliation in S/4HANA), only one transaction will be counted.

      Out-of-the-box means that the SAP digital payments add-on provides the secure, SAP managed integration between these SAP solutions and the Payment Service Providers without any development and integration effort by the customer.

      Other SAP or non-SAP solutions can be integrated with SAP digital payments via an API.

      The transaction-fees for Out-of-the-Box or project bases integrations are the same.

      Kind regards, Martin

    • Hello Gupta

      Customers can integrate their S/4HANA on premise system in a customer project with Payment Service Providers using the interfaces in the Payment Card configuration. Please check also for "Payment Card Interface to Clearing Houses" in SAP help.

      Kind regards,


  • Hello Nicole,

    hello Martin,

    Thank you very much for sharing this blog.

    My current customer plan to use the PSP PayU for the integration of credit card payments.
    Do you know already If SAP DP will support it ?

    Secondly I would appreciate if you can give more details how payments will be reconciled with bank statements ?  Is it through Payment Advice ? How about the granularity of the data ?

    Thank you very much for your help.


  • Hello Salim

    For the integration via SAP digital payments, the Payment Service Providers are SAP Partners and integrate to SAP. PayU is currently not integrated. We are interested to extent the network and our  Partner Management will support.

    The reconciliation process using the digital advice is described in the SAP help of S/4HANA (e.g. S/4HANA Cloud:  Receivables Management --> Digital Payment Processes in Accounts Receivables).

    I think it would be helpful to setup a meeting to discuss these topics and further activities in more detail.

    Kind regards,