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Author's profile photo Andi Mauersberger

Business Partner Usage of Postprocessing Office (PPO)

As we know, Postprocessing Office is the main log for synchronization issues created by Customer Vendor Integration (CVI) independent on synchronization direction. I’ve heard so often from customer, partners, colleagues  the questions: How to use PPO? How to select? How to process issues?

In this blog I would like to make you familiar with PPO and give you some hints. I will focus on Customer-Vendor-Integration (CVI).


What is the Postprocessing Office (PPO)?

PPO replaces application log for certain processes as of CVI synchronisation processes. Every issue is tracked in Postprocessing Office and represents an Postprocessing Order.

Postprocessing Office can be used to rework issues and trigger synchronization again. In case of CVI Postprocessing Orders can be created by following reports/transactions:

  1. Transactions to change/create customers/vendors with active CVI in ECC
  2. Transaction BP to create/change Business Partner with active CVI in ECC (very seldom)
  3. Transaction MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT for mass synchronization of customers/vendors in CVI activation process
  4. Transaction BP to create/change Business Partner in SAP S/4HANA

PPO should be checked periodically to avoid data inconsistencies during CVI synchronization.


How to access Postprocessing Office?

There are two main ways to reach Postprocessing Office:

  1. From MDS_LOAD_COPICKT as an integrated button
  2. Starting Postprocessing Office directly using transaction MDS_PPO2


Start Postprocessing Office from transaction MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT

  1. Choose your Synchronization Process
  2. Navigate to ‘Monitor’ tab
  3. Mark your synchronization run from list with red status
  4. Choose button ‘Call PPO’
  5. At the next screen you will see all related PPO orders for post processing.

Start Postprocessing Office directly

  1. Run transaction MDS_PPO2
  2. Selection screen
  3. At the next screen you will see all related PPO orders for post processing

PPO Orders

Filter PPO orders

At PPO order screen you can filter on different criteria based on displayed columns

Post processing

Dependent on synchronization direction (Business Process) you have to process PPO  and correct data in source object. Meaning:
Business Partner -> Customer: correct Business Partner data
Business Partner -> Vendor: correct Business Partner data
Customer -> Business Partner: correct Customer data
Vendor -> Business Partner: correct Vendor data

Double-click at one of the PPO orders for post processing

Detail screen is opening

Choose ‘Change’

Navigation into Business Parnter transaction starts

Depending on error, navigate to error data in Business Partner. In this case Tax Number is wrong at least in length.

Correct data and save.

After saving correction navigate back to PPO order

Execute ‘Individual Synchronization’

After individual Synchronization navigate back to PPO oder overview screen.

If no other error occured, status light switches to green. Sometime you have to refresh PPO order overview using ‘Refresh’ button.

If you refresh PPO overview corrected PPO order will disappear

Note: with implementing SAP note 2874287 – Export function missing in Postprocessing Desktop
you will get the possibility to download PPO orders in Excel file

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Clean up PPO

To clean up postprocessing orders there is the possibility to either complete or delete postprocessing orders using following reports:

/SAPPO/CLOSE_ORDERS_2    Complete postprocessing orders

/SAPPO/DELETE_ORDERS      Delete postprocessing orders


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      Author's profile photo Fausto Motter
      Fausto Motter

      Is very rare find topics and contents about this feature. Thanks for sharing. FM

      Author's profile photo Michael Schöne
      Michael Schöne

      Hi Andi,

      thanks for the overview on the post processing office. But in our project, we have the problem that when we create e.g. customer company data via OData service we sometimes miss some mandatory fields.

      In a first stage the OData process goes through smoothly and returns success. However, it appears that the data are not created, but we find a post processing order saying that mandatory field xyz is missing. As the data is not created and is thus not accessible via standard transactions we find no way to correct the data and reprocess the order.

      Is there any hidden feature with which we can correct the data and reprocess?

      Thanks for your help!

      Kind regards


      Author's profile photo Andi Mauersberger
      Andi Mauersberger
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Michael,

      just follow the instructions from part 'Detail screeen is opening' and enter the missing data (and do individual Sync). In oDATA service you should ensure to fill all mandatory fields to avoid PPO entries.


      Best Regards


      Author's profile photo Orlando Ramirez
      Orlando Ramirez

      Indeed a really nice and even better useful article, Thanks for sharing Andi Mauersberger

      Author's profile photo Krishna K
      Krishna K

      Dear All,

      how would customer know if error occurs while saving the data.

      Ex: we written enhancement while saving the data. If Payment term value is comparing with classification value and both are mismatch , then we are clearing the Payment value by giving an warning pop-up and clearing KNVV_NEW-ZTERM value.

      But while Commit work, it taking from buffer and keeping the old value. at the same time PPO order is creating and the data is not saving. System is giving success message.


      How to give an error message in this case?

      Thanks in advance,



      Author's profile photo Paul Gendreau
      Paul Gendreau

      Excellent article.

      One small note: Execution of /SAPPO/DELETE_ORDERS (Delete postprocessing orders) raises this error:


      Deletion of PPO orders is not supported

      Message no. /SAPPO/MSG520


      There is an archiving solution for PPO orders since PPO orders must be accessible after they have been processed to enable tracking.

      Note: Report /SAPPO/DELETE_ORDERS for the deletion of PPO orders is no longer in use.

      System Response

      The report is terminated with an error message. The system does not execute the deletion.


      Use the archiving solution. For more information about Archiving Object /SAPPO/PPO , see SAP Library for Error and Conflict Handler (CA-FS-ECH) on SAP Help Portal at ->

      Author's profile photo Paul Gendreau
      Paul Gendreau

      Should Postprocessing Office (PPO) and T-Code MDS_PPO2 be used for Business Partner synchronization errors in a productive system?

      This is a key decision to be made for your production support process. As input, consider that experts disagree with the generic recommendations of certain SAP Notes.

      Find the full detail in Business Partner Errors in Production.

      Author's profile photo Jason Barton
      Jason Barton

      Hi Paul,

      The link you provided fails to load, can you re-post?



      Author's profile photo Paul Gendreau
      Paul Gendreau

      Please try again ... the link is valid:

      Author's profile photo Jason Barton
      Jason Barton

      I cut and pasted vs. clicking through, this time worked perfectly. Thanks for quick response, and then details.



      Author's profile photo Jason Barton
      Jason Barton


      Excellent post, thanks much for the details. Have you ever come across the case of a replication fail based on Message no. AM019. This is suggesting that a language flag in SA09 needs to be set, however the customer being replicated has no connection to that language or flag. We are scanning OSS, forums, etc. - but no luck to date. Any thoughts you may have are appreciated.




      ***UPDATE: Just in case someone else runs into this, sharing ...

      • Before my time, someone had set language flag T in SA09
      • Some activity got processed (e.g., customer), and entry got written to ADRC-NATION with "T"
      • This was failing to replicate the customer to BP and visible in post processing
      • Solution
        • Activate T in SA09
        • Go to data object such as customer, select international version T for the customer, flag for deletion, save
        • Reprocess the record, BP created immediately
        • Clear the entries we have for this, then unflag SA09 entry for T
        • Move to QAS, repeat process
        • Move to PRD, repeat process




      Author's profile photo Rajendra Prasad THOGITI
      Rajendra Prasad THOGITI

      Excellent post with detailed screens and explanation...!

      Thank you.