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GDPR Compliance with Right to Return

Hello Friends,

Welcome to one of my Blog

Today I am talking about the Data Model Right to Return. The term “right to return” describes a situation where an employee on a global assignment or leave of absence can return to their original position. In this particular blog, I will focus on the Leave of absence scenario.

Post b1802 release, your instance will have the new data model for Right to Return already deployed.

This New data model is Important for using GDPR data protection and privacy functions as the Right to Return record will be purged when the user is Purged from the system.

Here are the configuration steps to follow before you can use the right to return feature. 

In Position Management, the use of the right to return depends on 2 rules.


  1. The first rule (Unassign from Position) is used to decide whether the employee in question is unassigned from Leave of Absence period or not.

The rule must have ‘Job Information’ as base object and ‘Position Management Decision’ as parameter with code ‘Decision’.

  1. The second rule (Create Right to Return) is used to decide whether the employee has a right to return to that position when he or she comes back from leaves of absence. The right to return is then automatically created and filled with the relevant information.

The rule must have ‘Job Information’ as base object and ‘Position Management Decision’ as parameter with code ‘Decision’.

  1. These rules get plugged into the Right to Return tab under Position Management Settings.

Now Let’s look at how does it work!

Employee Janice went on Leave of Absence –> her Position Info card shows No Data ( Which signifies that she is unsigned from her position) –> Her Position Card started reflecting Right to Return Information –> lastly you would see Right to Return entry in Manage Data which can also be accessed from position card as highlighted in yellow.


Thank you so much for reading my blog

Krushangi Desai,

HCM Consultant @GroupeX.




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      Author's profile photo Saeed Ahmed
      Saeed Ahmed

      Hi Krushangi


      Thank you for the detailed article. It definitely threw light on how the Right to Return feature works in the Leave of Absence scenario.


      Btw, I noticed that both the rules, Unassign from Position and Create Right to Return, look exactly the same. I'm curious to understand the logic as to how the expression in the rule where we set the Position Management Decision to Yes works for both the rules.


      It would help if you can share your inputs on the same.



      Saeed Ahmed

      Author's profile photo Stefano Barbaria
      Stefano Barbaria

      Hello, nice post.

      Is there any official document we can share with customers about this topic and how the Rec Module manage the GDPR for candidates?