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Author's profile photo Owen Liu

Work-in-Process (WIP) in S/4HANA Cloud

Currently, there are 2 approaches to record WIP in Cloud.

First is the old WIP solution which is inherited from OnPremise system:

It contains 2 steps

v Confirmation/Goods Movement on Production Orders and Process Orders lead to consumption postings (no WIP)

v Period End Closing with steps

v Overheads

v Determine WIP/Variance

v Settlement

Second is the Real-time WIP solution:

The prerequisite is that you need to follow Scope Item 3F0 <>

3F0 is optional scope item for Real-time WIP and customer have to ask for activation.

Also note that real time WIP customizing is completely different from normal WIP customizing attached and is only activated once you have scope item 3F0 active.

With this solution:

v Overhead is posted together with Confirmation/Goods Issue

v Confirmation/Goods Movement are posted together with WIP

v Goods Receipt decreases WIP or leads to Reserves

v Status change of order(Finally Delivery, Technically Completed) clears WIP

The easy way to identify which solution you are using is to check the RA key assigned to the Production/Process Order.

If it’s “RSEBW – Event Based WIP”, then it’s the new solution.

The old solution and the new solution don’t share the same data tables, so the Apps used to check WIP are also different.

For the new solution, here is a picture to explain the whole process:

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      Author's profile photo Sandeep Kumar
      Sandeep Kumar

      Owen Liu great blog, thanks for sharing.

      Author's profile photo Cassiano Lins
      Cassiano Lins

      Very detailed blog, Owen Liu!

      Thanks and congrats =D

      Author's profile photo Ana Moreira
      Ana Moreira

      Thanks for the content Owen Liu

      Author's profile photo Cristina Linta
      Cristina Linta

      Thank you for the detailed blog!

      Author's profile photo Shakeel Ahmed
      Shakeel Ahmed

      Thanks for sharing it.

      Author's profile photo Ciara Peters
      Ciara Peters

      Thanks Owen Liu for the great blog!

      Users can also find information on our help portal.

      For WIP solution, please see

      For Event-Based (Real-Time), please see

      Author's profile photo S Culhane
      S Culhane

      What about WIP Batch in S4hana Cloud? i don't find any information about it anywhere.


      Author's profile photo Anup Nair
      Anup Nair

      Thanks for sharing Owen!

      Author's profile photo Liling Jia
      Liling Jia

      is there any update for real-time WIP IN 2005?

      Author's profile photo Marcin Nowacki
      Marcin Nowacki

      Thank you for sharing!