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SAP SME Tech Hangout – Wall of Fame 2020

This blog post has been drafted together with Yatsea Li  and Sridharan Thangaraj


In this blogpost, we would like to recognise our SAP SME Partners who has been participating actively in our SME Tech Hangout sessions, such as:

  • Sharing Partner’s experiences on achieving success in fostering innovation for Customers; Building solution for the Intelligent Enterprise.
  • Active participation in our community call & Quizizz.
  • Develop a solution in our SAP-expert curated CodeCamp Sprints.


Leaderboard All-Time-Winner

You may seemed to be winning but not for long.. you’ll never know who might catch up with you! So, stay active, keep engaged and participate in our SAP SME SEEDx activities for 2020 planned out for you~ The leaderboard points will change as we move along the year. 🙂

If you’re new to this, and you’re a SAP SME Partner, register your team NOW and we will get back to you on the full schedule for the year to be involved!

Country Partner Points
India INFINX Services Pvt. Ltd. 125
India Gain Insights Solution Pvt. Ltd. 115
India Ikyam Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 115
India Vestrics Solutions 115
India Inecom Technology Pvt. Ltd. 115
India eNoah iSolution India Pvt. Ltd. 85
India Mukesh Infoserve Pvt. Ltd. 65
India Embee Software Pvt. Ltd. 35
India Softcore Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 35
India Integr8 Software Product & Services Pvt. Ltd. 30
Thailand ISS Consulting Thailand 30
India SaturnIO Datasoft Pvt. Ltd. 25
Malaysia Phitomas Sdn. Bhd. 25
Australia Leverage Technologies 20
India Avaniko Technologies Private Limited 15
India Emerging Alliance 15
India Kabeer Consulting Inc. 15
India Pavja 15
India PTS Systems & Solutions 15
India RPM Infotech consulting Pvt. Ltd. 15
India Skysurge Business Solutions 15
India Srishti 15
India Silvertouch Technologies Ltd. 15
India Uneecops Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 15
India Dimas 15
Malaysia SBOne Solution Sdb. Bhd. 15
Philippines APPTechnology Experts, Inc. 15
Australia DXC Tech 10

Congratulations to the partners mentioned above!


Session #1 – SME on SAP AI Business Services: Document Processing, Document Information Extraction (DOX)

We kickstarted the first session of 2020 with the topic of Artificial Intelligence, where SAP Expert, Yatsea Li , shares about the new SAP AI Services on Document Processing. Also, we invited a partner, eNoah iSolution from India, who has been involved with our SEEDx initiatives on developed an Intelligent Enterprise solution – Smart Retail.

It was a 2 hours community call (DevUnite) followed with a 3 hours mini-hackathon (CodeCamp) for teams to get involved to developed on SAP AI Business Services – Document Information Extraction.

00:05:23 Context of the Intelligent Enterprise
00:11:55 DevTalk: Partner Innovation Sharing by eNoah iSolution India
00:28:19 SAP Expert: SAP AI Business Services – Document Processing
00:59:55 Demo on Document Information Extraction
01:44:42 Quizizz & Lucky Spin Wheel



Here’s a compilation of all notable submissions from #1. Featuring the A-Teams:

  • Ikyam Solutions Pvt Ltd: B1 Add-on using SDK
  • Infinx Services Pvt Ltd: B1 Add-on using SDK
  • Vestrics Solutions: Hybrid SAP Fiori Application deployed on mobile phone
  • Inecom Technology Pvt Ltd: Web Application Interface
  • Gain Insights Solution Pvt Ltd: Windows Console Interface

Congratulations to the partners mentioned above whom have demonstrated quick success with DOX integrated with SAP Business One via various interfaces.


Session #2

Details coming soon


Session #3

Details coming soon


Session #4

Details coming soon


Session #5

Details coming soon


Session #6

Details coming soon



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