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Planned Release of SAP HANA 2.0 SPS05 and Impact on Maintenance for SAP HANA

This year, we are celebrating 10 years of SAP HANA. In that time, we have seen incredible innovation and rapid customer adoption. SAP HANA continues to provide the data management foundation needed to deliver the Intelligent Enterprise and run the world’s most mission critical workloads. We are committed to helping our customers maximize and safeguard their existing investments as they chart their path into the future. Therefore, we are excited to announce our intent to release SAP HANA 2.0 SPS05 at the end of June 2020, which is consistent with our history of annual innovation releases for SAP HANA. In the coming months, we will share more details about new features and enhancements included with the release in our usual program of webinars and blog posts. In the meantime, however, we wanted to provide a short overview of the planned maintenance schedules for SAP HANA:


  • SAP HANA 1.0 SPS12 – In 2016, when we announced that SAP HANA 1.0 SPS12 was the final release of SAP HANA 1.0, we committed to a five-year maintenance term continuing through May 2021. We are re-affirming that maintenance timeline and encourage our remaining customers using this version to make plans to upgrade to HANA 2.0 SPS05 before the end of maintenance in May 2021.


  • SAP HANA 2.0 SPS03 – As with all SPS releases for SAP HANA 2.0, the maintenance strategy for SAP HANA 2.0 SPS03 allowed for two years of support after the release to customer in April 2018. As SPS05 will be released in June, we have decided to extend the maintenance period for SPS03 by two additional months to the end of June 2020 to match that timeline.


  • SAP HANA 2.0 SPS05 – Recognizing the need for a maintenance period longer than two years, we have decided to identify SAP HANA 2.0 SPS05 with long-term maintenance extending for five years after release to customer. This means SAP HANA 2.0 SPS05 will be supported through June 2025. To be clear, this should, in no way, be interpreted as the last SPS release for SAP HANA 2.0. In fact, we plan to continue to invest in and provide innovation releases for SAP HANA going forward – including SAP HANA 2.0 SPS06 in 2021. This is well aligned with the recently announced plans for longer maintenance timelines for applications based on SAP HANA. By providing a five-year maintenance term for SAP HANA 2.0 SPS05, we provide a clear path for customers using SAP HANA 1.0 SPS12 to plan and execute their upgrade along with the security of knowing that they can remain on the target version for an extended period.


We are consistently impressed by the many ways that our customers use SAP HANA to deliver unique business value. With the release and maintenance strategy outlined here, our goal is to continue to provide our customers with the ultimate flexibility between innovation adoption and platform stability.

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      Author's profile photo Denys van Kempen
      Denys van Kempen

      In a visualization

      • Note the alignment of end-of-maintenance (EoM) of SPS 03 and GA of SPS 05.
      • Extended support for SPS 05 until to June 2025 and SPS 06 planned for 2021.  
      • EoM for SPS 12 and SPS 04 until end of June 2021

      For those starting their migration project(s) from SAP HANA 1.0 to 2.0 and interested to learn some more about the 2.0 version from the different perspectives of system administration, development, security, and integration, to name a few, you might be interested in a book SAP Press recently published on this topic.

      For a series of blog posts about the book with additional references, here on the SAP Community, see

      For a sample chapter or to visit the SAP Press shop, go to

      Author's profile photo Vincent Voca
      Vincent Voca

      We have still to see the first SAP-press book that is useful.

      It’s just one big money making scheme of extremely expensive books written by authors who themselves don’t have a clue either.

      Just like the early 90’s 3.0 helpCD.

      TIME SAP *finally* starts taking documentation of the horribly complex SAP system more seriously. It’s about time after 40 years of leaving customers in the dark…

      Author's profile photo Denys van Kempen
      Denys van Kempen

      Hi Vincent,

      I disagree.

      Last year I read the following SAP Press books and can recommend all three of them. The authors are all experts on the topic:

      From your profile, I cannot deduce if you have any insight information about the publication business but as an author I can inform you that getting a book to publication requires a enormous time investment for which there is some compensation but this in no way reflects the effort put into it. Writing a book is a labor of love as is contributing to this community.

      Why not post a blog? Answer a question? Write a constructive comment?

      Author's profile photo Michael Eaton
      Michael Eaton

      A commendable post demonstrating professionalism and restraint.

      Author's profile photo Dallas Marks
      Dallas Marks


      Appreciated your thoughtful reply as a fellow SAP Press author. Unfortunately the economics of a SAP Press book (or any technical book) are different from a John Grisham novel.

      I'm starting to learn HANA. The documentation is overwhelming and I truly appreciate your SAP HANA 2.0: An Introduction book for providing a map to the product as a whole and identifying which parts I need to dive deeper.

      Agree that the world would be a better place if more people would share knowledge with the SAP Community or elsewhere. Especially since people might have more free time now during #COVID-19 pandemic.

      Author's profile photo Wolfgang Röckelein
      Wolfgang Röckelein

      Does anybody know what consequences the 1.0 maintenance end in may next year has for a neo environment hana 1.0 service?

      Author's profile photo Denys van Kempen
      Denys van Kempen

      Hi Wolfgang,

      Good question. Here is my understanding  

      For the SAP HANA platform edition there are currently different versions, 1.0 and 2.0 with support conditions stated in the product availability matrix. This blog announced an update.

      For the SAP HANA service, there are two different environments: Neo and Cloud Foundry. The actual SAP HANA version behind the environment is regularly updated to a more recent revision. You are right that currently in the Neo environment the 1.0 release is provided and in Cloud Foundry 2.0. However, there is no “1.0 service”. Which environment to choose depends on different considerations, e.g. hosted by SAP, regional availability, etc. > SAP HANA Service, Technical asset information

      With the SAP HANA Cloud service coming up, given the nature of software-as-a-service, I think we can anticipate initiatives to consolidate all previous HANA as-a-service offerings. When and how is to be announced >

      Either way, end of maintenance for the on-premise platform edition is not necessarily connected to the support of the SAP HANA service. I will ask around for the official point of view on this topic.

      Author's profile photo Fernando Satorra
      Fernando Satorra

      Hi Denys,


      Thanks for your post, it's a good one.


      I already have a customer with a DW mounted on a HANA 1.0 service (Neo) and when I asked SAP on how to migrate to HANA 2.0 (Cloud Foundry) they told me that they don't have any tool. So I would do it manually.


      Could you ask (for the official point of view) if there will be a tool soon?


      I hope, as you said, that this maintenance end won't affect SAP HANA service.


      Kind regards,


      Author's profile photo Hassan Khanafer
      Hassan Khanafer

      Hello Fernando,

      How will you do the migration from Neo to Clou foundry manuallay?

      We are in the same while we are on HANA 1.0 on NEO and we would like to move to HANA 2.0 on CF but SAP did not provide any realistic procedure how to do it.

      We were thinking of combining the usage of export/import of catalog and then SDA (SDI) migration for big tables.




      Author's profile photo Brian Raver
      Brian Raver

      End of maintenance for SAP HANA 1.0 SPS12 does not directly impact SAP’s provision of its current cloud support offerings for the SAP Cloud Platform, SAP HANA service (neo).  SAP will continue to provide such support for the SAP Cloud Platform, SAP HANA service per customer contracts regardless of the underlying SAP HANA product version. An upgrade of the SAP HANA version is being planned and details will be communicated to affected customers as appropriate.

      Author's profile photo Arnold Sutter
      Arnold Sutter

      So it makes sense now to prepare for the SAP HANA 2.0 SPS05 upgrade as there is a relatively short time window from the former long-term release SAP HANA 1.0 SPS12 to this one (July 2020 - May 2021).

      Do we already know the OS version requirements for both SUSE and Red Hat for SAP HANA 2.0 SPS05?


      Author's profile photo Denys van Kempen
      Denys van Kempen

      Hi Arnold,

      This information is maintained in a support note (latest update is version 50 Jan 18, 2020 - time of writing). You can tag a note as favourite and be notified for updates.

      See also the technical release information on the product avialability matrix

      Author's profile photo Dallas Marks
      Dallas Marks

      Is the compatible OS list for HANA Cockpit really shorter than for HANA itself? Or does SAP KB 2380291 (SAP HANA 2.0 Cockpit Central Release Note) need updated (Version 21 from 07/17/2019) to be in better alignment with SAP KB 2235581? The PAM also is silent on RHEL and SLES minor version numbers.


      Author's profile photo Arnold Sutter
      Arnold Sutter

      So, since SPS05 is available since this week, we also know the OS requirements for HANA 2.0 SPS05.

      According to Release Note for SAP HANA 2 SPS05 Note 2932865, the OS requirements are like this for the initial rev. 50 of SPS05:

      • SLES12 SP05
      • SLES12 SP04
      • SLES15 SP1
      • SLES15 SP0
      • RHEL7.6
      • RHEL8.1
      Author's profile photo Raghuram Gurram
      Raghuram Gurram


      Is there any extended maintenance or customer specific maintenance offered for HANA 1.0 after the end of mainstream maintenance?



      Author's profile photo Varun Biswas
      Varun Biswas

      Is there no release calendar for HANA SPS like we have one central open for other SAP Application versions (

      Author's profile photo Jakub Babilon
      Jakub Babilon



      do anybody know what is the right for date End of Maintenance HANA 1.0 SP12 ?

      SAP note 2021789 - SAP HANA 1.0 Revision and Maintenance Strategy says 30.6.2021 but attached pdf to this SAP note also as is mentioned here the date is end of May.

      Which date is valid indeed ?


      Thank you in advance


      Author's profile photo Alexander Klammrodt
      Alexander Klammrodt

      Note 2021789 is correct Jakub, 30.6.2021 is end of maintenance for HANA 1.0.


      Author's profile photo Jakub Babilon
      Jakub Babilon

      OK, thank you

      Thank you


      Author's profile photo Rama Shankar
      Rama Shankar

      Great Info - thanks!