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BW/4 HANA mixed scenarios with Native HANA HDI Containers

Mixed scenarios in general are supported in BW on HANA and BW/4 HANA with Native HANA models(XS classic), there has been a lot of documentation on this topic available in SAP community, for example, Blog

With the introduction of XS advanced in HANA, regarding the mixed scenarios, there has been no support in BW on HANA and  very little support in BW/4 HANA 1.0. In the newer releases of BW, it is getting improved. In this blog, I am going to describe how the integration scenarios work in BW/4 HANA 2.0 SP 02 or 03 with Native HANA XSA.

1. BW Models in Native HANA :

In the integration scenarios, BW objects can be generated as external calculation views and then consumed in Native HANA models to utilize HANA platform capability for further modeling. In XS classic, using HANA studio/Eclipse BW objects like ADSO, Composite providers will be generated as external Calculation views, they are available in HANA repository automatically for further use in CV modeling. However, it is not same in XS Advanced HDI containers. the below picture explains the process,

In XS advanced, HDI containers are created for DB modeling, with all the objects tables, views, procedures, functions and Calculation views are created inside the HDI container. These HDI containers are isolated from Classic database schemas. So with that, HDI container can’t have direct access to the generated CVs from BW objects.

For that, a custom user provider service(cups) will be created from HDI container to classic Database, which gives the access to _SYS_BIC schema,  then a synonym will be created in HDI container for the generated CV and then synonym will be used as local objects in HDI container for further modeling of CVs. Finally HDI container CVs will be consumed by BI tools.

Note: Data base user which is used to set up cups must have authorization on _SYS_BIC schema in order to grant the access to HDI container user. This process of access scenario is explained in this blog, Classic DB access


2. Native HANA HDI models in BW/4 HANA:

In integration scenarios of XS classic, native HANA CVs can be embedded in BW/4 objects like Composite provider and open ODS views and then further modeling and query creation can happen in BW/4 HANA, then finally BI tools will consume the queries. However with XS advanced, CVs in HDI containers are not directly consumable in BW/4 HANA. So the process to achieve that is explained in below picture

In XS advanced, CVs will be created in HDI container, it is isolated to other containers and also toclassic database as explained above. In order to provide the access on HDI container, .hdbrole will be created inside the container, that will be granted to DB schema user who wants to access container objects in this case BW managed schema in HANA. The container hdbrole can be granted in Web IDE DB Explorer admin console by running the standard Stored procedures, you can follow the blog, hdi container roles to classic user

Even after granting the role, container CVs are not visible to consume in Composite provider, for that customization setting required to be done in BW/4 HANA system. Please note that, this is only possible in BW/4 HANA 2.0,  can’t be possible in BW/4 HANA 1.0.

SPRO -> SAP Reference IMG -> SAP BW/4HANA Customizing Implementation Guide -> SAP BW/4HANA -> Data Modeling -> Settings for Consumption of SAP HANA Views

With this above setting, HDI containers will be made available to consume in composite providers. for more information refer to SAP note 2810348.

In the future coming releases of BW/4 HANA, more integration is planned for XS advanced HDI containers.

Thank you.

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  • Hi Sreekanth Surampally

    Thanks a lot for this information. To me, this is the starting point of a task that I need to fulfill inmediatly.  Can you give me some general guidense?

    I want to create a HDI in web ide (XSA), wich should replicate the information from a Virtual Table that is in the BW4HANA database scheme, transform a little the information; and put the transformed data into a table / view that can be accesed from BW4HANA (like in a composite provider).

    The general scenario is: We have a new implementation of a SAP BW4HANA 2.0 SP4 (over a SAP HANA Enterprise, on premise). I know that the is some technical configurations missing in my landscape (I will point out that with some examples later).

    What we want to achieve is replicate some tables from a MS SQL server with SDI with a little logic in the process. Thats way we thought that flowgraph come in handly.

    We have succesfully implement the SDI replication. To test these I created a simple flowgraph in the old wed editor and everything worksed fine. But I noticed that a lot a features were missing compare with the new version in the sap web ide from XSA.

    So right now, I am trying to create the flowgraph in web ide. We updated the XSA, the runtime tools, the web ide in our system.

    I dont have to much experience in the new web ide, so I am following some documentation, where its explained that a HDI must be created, in order to have the flowgraph in there.

    Doing these, I have the following questions:

    In my landscape, the are two xsa spaces: DEV and SAP.  Which should I use? DEV dont have any services, but SAP have a lot (like if everything is ready to go to develop).

    The sapce SAP  is map to the SYSTEMDB, should I map to the tenant database (BW4HANA Database) in order to develop things there?

    When I try to create a services of HANA with the hdi-shared plan in the DEV space mapped to my tenant databse I get an error. The error is clear beacause is trying the inject the code into the wrong port (30015 and the tenant databse is in 30041) .Do you know where is getting these configuration the XSA Cockpit?

    Thanks a lot,



    • Hi, you are questions are more on how to start doing HDI objects creation in Web IDE for HANA. First one, SAP space comes up with standard applications which are installed as part of XSA, it is mapped to SYSTEM DB which is fine. The other space DEV, is the one which you are going to use for your objects, that will be mapped a specific tenant (not the SYSTEM DB). Lastly the mapping of tenant to space is done in XSA cockpit. I would recommend to follow the SAP hana academy tutorials to get started on this configurations.