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The Year of the Rat and Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory

Happy Lunar New Year (新年快樂) everyone!


It’s the Year of the Rat and for many, the start of a new year is a time for making resolutions and adjusting their lifestyle. Some common characteristics associated with the Year of the Rat include:

1. Quick Thinking
2. Frugality
3. A quiet and peaceful life

Taking a look at these characteristics from a business perspective, I find it quite interesting to see some parallelism between these characteristics as well as the importance of having a flexible, fast, stable, and affordable data platform at the core of a business.

With more traditional storage solutions such as SSD and data lakes, low costs and high capacity are limited by low speed. On the other hand, in-memory solutions like DRAM boast high speed; however, the high cost and lower capacity make it a struggle for any business to balance their functional needs.

While SAP HANA revolutionized the database management market by leveraging columnar and in-memory technology to reduce complexity and provide real-time results, the scalability of the platform in terms of both costs and capacity is a concern for some users in the context of a world that is producing ever more data.

Raconteur’s “Day in Data” offers some insight into the exponential growth of data. By going about our daily lives from liking something on social media, sending a work email, to using Google Maps to drive home, each of us are contributing to the explosion of data creation.

This is why Intel’s new memory category, persistent memory, is so innovative to me. Persistent memory combines the benefits of DRAM and SSD and keeps the data closer to the processor. This solution provides larger capacity, more affordability, as well as faster performance.

For current users of SAP HANA, switching to Intel Optane Persistent Memory hardware means they get the same high performance at a higher capacity and a lower price. And this where I found the unexpected parallelism between SAP HANA on Intel Optane Persistent Memory and the Year of the Rat.

1. Faster performance and increased memory capacity leads to quicker thinking and decision making.
2. Cost savings from lower hardware costs align with a frugal mindset.
3. Data persistency that is non-volatile enables a more quiet and peaceful life

To me, these are important software and hardware considerations if you want your business to succeed in the Year of the Rat. On a personal level, I would also encourage you to take some time to reflect on how you can adjust your lifestyle to bring you success this year!

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