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SAP Road Map: SAP Analytics Cloud BI Webcast Summary


Source: SAP

Where attendees dialed in from:


Mostly a North America attended webcast


How familiar we are with SAC

A broad mix


Source: SAP

2020.19 to 2020.02


Source: SAP

Custom current date – applied to story filter

Dynamic time filters – looking at financial information for previous month, today is February 13, it would go back 1 month

As a story designer, you allow user to set what current date; now exposed to calculations


Source: SAP

Improvements to the UI, enable right click action

Left click – data actions


Source: SAP

More flexibility with design

Responsive pages are the preferred pages – 1) mobile adaptive 2) better for performance


Source: SAP

If you have corporate standards that mandates a font; system admin can add font to tenant and then any user can use these fonts


Source: SAP

Ability to see content on different screen sizes; scale by whole story to streamline story building user experience


Source: SAP

Today you can define thresholds with different measures

Now allow you show threshold legend in charts


Source: SAP

Improvements to smart insights – show changes over time when time filter is applied

Smart insights on calculations to help understand context


Source: SAP

Search ask bar; from home page ask a business-relevant question and data comes back with visualization


Source: SAP

Search to insights for mobile – for acquired models

Offline – access to last 10 queries

SAP announced SAC for Android yesterday – link is here.


Source: SAP

Expand search to insight over time, with different time scenarios

Quarters, half-years, expanded granularity


Source: SAP

Index a model in preference model settings


Source: SAP

Action bar improvements

Options are exposed to designer for how to expose action bar


Source: SAP

Now support exception aggregation in stories (previously available in model)

Time variances are supported


Source: SAP

Q2/2020 – limit constant selection to a subset of dimensions

Geo bubbles will show value of measure in the center

Favorite a story while viewing

Filter – expose custom current date on widgets for certain charts

Export story to PowerPoint; many customers have asked for this

Future direction- improvements to calculations, improvements to rank and sort for more complex use cases

Improved chart building experience

Improvements to explorer

Question & Answer

Q: does SAC have text mining capability or other machine learning function? We need it to categorize free text POs and non-PO invoices.

A: Have machine learning capability with Smart Predict

Q: Can we rename current date definition?

A: Can rename calculation itself – current date in toolbar cannot be renamed

Q: Can you use fuzzy terms in search to insight?

A: Search to insight improvements – sys admin can set synonyms

Look for it new features in coming releases

Q: Where go to find more information if I am not certain how to do something?

A: Help icon inside tool – the Help Center – search for any feature not sure about.

Link to register for replay is here

Timestamps, courtesy of ASUG:


  • Welcome [0:00]
  • ASUG Updates and Announcements [1:15]
  • Speaker Introduction [2:52]
  • Disclaimer [7:42]
  • Recent BI Features
    • BI Core Features [8:23]
    • Discoverability & Productivity [10:39]
    • Visually Appealing Styling for Legibility [12:45]
    • Smart Assist [15:44]
    • Digital Boardroom [20:02]
    • Enable Remote Sources & Model Support [21:01]
  • Demo [22:08]
  • Product Plan [45:51]
  • Resources [49:40]
  • Q&A [50:03]
  • ASUG Conclusion [59:04]

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