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SAP Community Report – Live – February 2020

**** UPDATED ****


Continuing what I started in December did the first with a live podcast recording inviting anyone and everyone to join the call. The next one for February is booked and ready to go.

Here are the details for joining the next one:


Time: Feb 28, 2020 03:30 PM Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna 



“What’s the agenda?” you might be wondering. Well, that’s the beauty of it — the agenda is you and the SAP Community (online or otherwise) and this call we’ll be joined by a few of our Advocates like Thomas Jung and Rich Heilman

Dial in to listen in and/or speak up, not able to join but have a question to ask, feel free to comment here or even ask one of the SAP Champions, Developer Advocates, SAP Technology Ambassadors or SAP Mentors to raise it on your behalf.


Chat Transcript

15:31:43 From Bärbel Winkler : Don’t see it and don’t have an option to manually start it 🙁
15:31:50 From Josh : and down the stretch they come
15:32:36 From nilpeksen : This meeting’s dress code looks like hoodie 🙂
15:33:13 From Nabheet Madan : Wow we have everyone:) Hello everyone…Power packed Call:)
15:34:24 From Nabheet Madan : DJ – the future is terminal missing:)
15:34:37 From Rich : Is that the ABAP screen saver in the background DJ?
15:37:33 From Tammy Powlas : Tom, DJ & Rich gave an ASUG webcast this week – replay is available here: – I learned some things here too…
15:41:38 From Craig Cmehil : MASSIVE kudos to Audrey for joining at 6:30 in the morning her time!
15:43:20 From Nabheet Madan : @Craig they are whistling needed:)
15:45:17 From Nil Peksen : Vitaly
15:46:09 From Bärbel Winkler : Can you please share the question of the poll in chat?
15:46:34 From Audrey Stevenson : I can’t select any of the selections because I didn’t attend live but I did comment afterwards…
15:46:34 From Craig Cmehil : Weekend [xxxxxx] Club
15:46:37 From Craig Cmehil : – like the idea
15:46:42 From Craig Cmehil : – did not know about it
15:46:47 From Nabheet Madan : +1
15:46:48 From Craig Cmehil : – attended the movie club
15:46:53 From Rich : Weekend FIGHT club!
15:46:57 From Craig Cmehil : – planning for the next one on the book
15:47:09 From Bärbel Winkler : Thanks!
15:47:44 From greg m : on another call, so just chatting here
15:47:46 From Bärbel Winkler : Knew about it but haven’t watched any film or a read a book “in ages”
15:48:38 From Jerry Janda : @Baerbel: Maybe an excuse to watch or read something new! 🙂
15:48:40 From Nabheet Madan : @Barbel – a great chance to start reading a book…reading brings me sense of satisfaction
15:49:14 From Mahesh : I also 😉
15:49:23 From Mahesh : attended
15:49:45 From Bärbel Winkler : So much to read, so little time due to my other activities! “Once upon a time I managed to read at least one paper-back detective story per week
15:49:46 From Jerry Janda : Here’s for the Weekend Move Club:
15:49:48 From Thomas Jung : Book suggestion: Dune
15:49:57 From Ian Thain : UK, London
15:50:07 From Ruthvik Chowdary V : Bnagalore India
15:50:15 From Max Streifeneder : Germany, Munich
15:50:20 From Tammy Powlas : Fairfax, VA outside Washington DC (home of World Series Champs Washington Nationals)
15:50:20 From Marius Obert : Munich aka the place where no one can afford a loft 🙂
15:50:21 From Jerry Janda : Here’s the book we’ll be discussing:
15:50:24 From DJ Adams : MANCHESTER!
15:50:25 From Mahesh : Dubai, UAE
15:50:37 From Josh : Philadelphia, PA USA
15:50:38 From Thomas Jung : Jasper, IN USA
15:50:38 From Douglas Kuchler : from Brazil and living in Germany
15:50:39 From Nil Peksen : Istanbul, Turkey
15:50:39 From Kishore : Hyderabad, India
15:50:45 From Jerry Janda : Will add Dune to the list, thanks!
15:50:49 From Josh : book – Seven Eves
15:50:49 From Rich : York PA USA
15:51:03 From Bärbel Winkler – Germany : Winnenden, Germany
15:51:22 From Vitaliy : Wrocław, Poland
15:51:28 From Jerry Janda : Also, there’s the Dune miniseries:
15:51:30 From Craig Cmehil : Lippstadt, Germany
15:51:57 From DJ Adams :
15:52:02 From Jerry Janda : We should watch Witness. 🙂
15:52:20 From DJ Adams : Suggestion for movie club: Brazil
15:52:33 From Jerry Janda : I’ve been to York. Warminster, PA here.
15:53:03 From Jerry Janda : Brazil is a great film. We’re thinking of Alien for the next film…but that could change.
15:54:23 From DJ Adams : craig++ “blog POST”
15:59:49 From Max Streifeneder : scripter
16:00:39 From DJ Adams : DMBTR
16:00:54 From Michael Keller : 🙂
16:02:12 From Michael Keller : just words with 5 characters?
16:02:30 From Audrey Stevenson : The word that sticks in my husband’s mind is “Umleitung”…
16:02:40 From Ian Thain : Genau
16:02:58 From DJ Adams : Deutschmarkbetrag
16:03:24 From Tammy Powlas : still have it 🙂
16:05:05 From DJ Adams :
16:05:16 From Josh : I can walk over to the beer aisle if anyone wants to place an order
16:05:17 From Ian Thain : SAP CodeTalk on YouTube
16:05:18 From Max Streifeneder :
16:05:29 From Max Streifeneder : Max Adventure in Whatever 😉
16:06:04 From Vitaliy :
16:07:40 From Tammy Powlas : Slides from DJ/Rich/Tom’s ASUG webcast has several links:
16:09:06 From Tammy Powlas : Dennis is unrecognizable 🙂
16:10:11 From Bärbel Winkler – Germany : Thanks for the links, Tammy to the webcast & presentation!
16:10:28 From DJ Adams :
16:10:55 From Tammy Powlas : Bärbel – you’re welcome…hope you watch the replay…
16:12:12 From Mahesh : I also don’t see
16:15:40 From Tammy Powlas : I remember the mailing list days too…from MIT…
16:15:52 From Max Streifeneder : @Marius: how old were you back in 1995?
16:16:12 From Marius Obert : As old as you 😛
16:16:17 From Rich : 2
16:16:23 From Rich : ?
16:16:58 From Max Streifeneder : 3!
16:17:57 From Jerry Janda : @michael I’m reaching out to you today. 🙂
16:18:00 From Tammy Powlas : Thanks all!
16:18:10 From DJ Adams : thanks and have a great weekend!
16:18:16 From DJ Adams : Hey Douglas!
16:18:17 From Bärbel Winkler – Germany : Thanks All & have a great weekend!
16:18:26 From Nabheet Madan : thanks
16:18:30 From Michael Keller : bye
16:18:33 From Nil Peksen : Thanks!
16:18:33 From Taiki Igarashi : thanks

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      Author's profile photo Douglas Cezar Kuchler
      Douglas Cezar Kuchler

      Hi Craig Cmehil ,


      It was a very funny and worthy session where we all learned lots of things from the SAP Community. I really enjoyed listening to the stories and looking at the pics.


      Thanks for making it happen and I hope we can have many more sessions like this!





      Author's profile photo Mahesh Palavalli
      Mahesh Palavalli

      I think the replay link is broken..

      Author's profile photo Craig Cmehil
      Craig Cmehil
      Blog Post Author

      Should be OK now

      Author's profile photo Mahesh Palavalli
      Mahesh Palavalli

      It was an informative & funny session Craig Cmehil !!

      I am up for the crafting or ring making club if you are planning for any in the future 🙂

      I actually got very interested in these things lately and even bought some rotary tools couple of months back. But sadly the only thing that I cut down was a cardboard  piece 😀 😀  and I got busy and left it 🙁  Will try to get involved in this soon, so a club might be a good start for me 🙂


      Author's profile photo Craig Cmehil
      Craig Cmehil
      Blog Post Author

      Always up for things like this 🙂