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How to build a Service KPIs dashboard with Focused Insights for SAP Solution Manager


In this tutorial, we are going to work with some standard KPIs for IT Service Management:

  • Number of New Incidents
  • Number of Closed Incidents
  • Number of Software installation


The objective is to create a control center dashboard displaying the following information:

  • Overview tiles with text status to report SLAs compliancy.
  • Trend history table for the last months.
  • Column chart to control the incidents resolutions efficiency.
  • Trend line chart for number of software installations.
  • ….




Step I: Create Custom Table containing your Measurements

You need to maintain a simple custom table containing the measurements of your KPIs.

  • Metrics like “number of incidents closed” are stored as Integer.
  • A time dimension is introduced as table key with the TIMESTAMP field.




STEP II: Populate Table with your Measurements

Then, you need to create the corresponding measurements in the table.

The data are stored in a RAW format as the aggregation on times or categorical dimensions will be managed later by the dashboards.




STEP III: Define your Data Model

Describe your data Model with 3 types of Attributes:

  • Dimensions:  Columns representing your filters (ex: incident processor)
  • Key Figures: Columns representing your measurements,
  • Timestamp: Unique field for time-axis resolutions.


The /STDF/DP_TAB_SRC_SRC table contains the definition of model. You just need to add a new row in this table as shown below:



STEP IV: Create the dashboard

By using the DP_TABLE data provider, you have access to all your measures and dimensions.

Select the corresponding alias in the first tab of the Focused Insights query.




STEP V: Add an HTML Text

Start the ABAP report /STDF/HTML_CONTENT_LOAD to create an HTML Text identified with a unique ID.

The data are stored in an internal table named /STDF/HTML_CONT.




In your dashboard, select the HTML_RENDERER and configure it with the TITLE of your text.





STEP VII: Distribute the dashboard URL in your organisation

Check the dashboard in the SAP Solution Manager Demo System.




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