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Building a Goalkeeper’s Scouting Profile in SAP Sports One

1 Introduction

In the world of football, there is a role called scout. Scouts travel, trying to find the most suited football player for their teams. Every scout will have their own methodology and philosophy to find their wanted players. As a one-stand football club management platform, SAP Sports One provides modules to design personalized scouting templates so that these methodologies can be standardized.

This article will introduce one methodology to scout goalkeepers, from Rui Oliveira, who is a scout and coach with more than 30 years of experience in top European Clubs, to see how we integrate his thoughts into SAP Sports One.

2 Goalkeeper Profile

In Rui’s opinion, to build a profile of a goalkeeper, he will consider following behaviors of a player:

  • Motricity
  • Volitional Behaviors
  • Technical Behaviors – Offensive and defensive
  • Tactical Behaviors – Offensive and defensive

In each category, he will consider more indetail.

  • Motricity
    • Reaction
    • Power
    • Agility
    • Coordination
  • Volitional Behaviors
    • Fearless
    • Bold
    • Disciplined
    • Concentration
    • Anxiety Control
    • Positive Attitude
  • Technical Behaviors – Offensive and defensive
    • Offensive
      • Ball Throw-in
      • Long Pass
      • Short Pass
    • Defensive
      • Saves on the Ground
      • Saves in the Air
      • 1v1 Situations
      • Freekick Defense
  • Tactical Behaviors – Offensive and defensive
    • Offensive
      • Offensive Positioning
      • Putting Ball Back to Play
    • Defensive
      • Defensive Positioning
      • Command/Guidance

3 Building Evaluation Categories

We separted Rui’s thoughts into categories. SAP Sports One offers a place to store these standardized items – Evaluation Categores (Catalogs – Evaluations – Evaluation Categories)

4 Building Evaluation Sheet (Evaluation Template)

To use these categories, we need a Evaluation Sheet. A Evaluation Sheet is the combination of different Evaluation Categories. By combining different categories, we can build personalized templates that suits scouts’ needs. (Catalogs – Evaluaations – Evaluation Sheet)

Here I will build a Goalkeeper Profile template composed of all my goalkeeper categories.

5 Building Evaluation for Players

We have prepared everything. Now it’s time to go outside to watch the player play. With the Evaluation Sheet we know exactly what do we need and what do we want. (Player – Evaluations)

6 Conclusion

What behaviors and skills to observe to understand if it is a talented player? Every scouts will have their own thoughts. SAP Sports One provides a flexible scouting evaluation solution that records different insights.


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      Author's profile photo Nikhil Prabhu
      Nikhil Prabhu

      Very nice article, Dawei Liu. Being a football fan (and a goalkeeper) myself, it was an interesting read to see how players are generally evaluated by scouts; and how SAP Sports One can help make this process easier. Nice work ?

      Author's profile photo Dawei Liu
      Dawei Liu
      Blog Post Author

      Cheers mate! Hope to play football with you one day!