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SUM upgrade error “Invalid index name : Column List already indexed”

In the Pre Processing stage  of the SUM Upgrade, error appeared in the phase



In this phase, SUM tries to create the new  unique index on table “DDNTT~” for the field name (called

column name) “UUID” .


However, error occurred saying that “Invalid index name : Column List already indexed”

Investigation :

As shown below, SUM terminated in phase MAIN_SHDCRE/NTACT_NODBPOS with error.


Open the log file as shown below



As shown above,  the  reason that  SUM upgrade was terminated  due to “Invalid index name :

Column List already indexed”   while trying  to create  the  unique index  “DDNTT___UPG”  on table

name  “DDNT~”   for the  field name  “UUID”


To investigate further, login to the application host i.e. CI host and switch to sidadm account.

Then run hdbsql command to login to Schema “SAPHANADB”

select table_name, index_name from INDEX_COLUMNS where COLUMN_NAME=’UUID’ and

table_name like ‘%DDNT%’


As shown above  Index name “DDNTT~~G ” present  on table name (DDNTT~) and column name

i.e. Field name (UUID).

The reason  , SUM unable to create another  Unique index <new Index name> on

“<tablename>” (“field name”)  because  another index name  “DDNTT~~G”  for same table

“DDNTT~”  and same Column name “UUID” already created




Error simulation



Drop the index as shown below

Warning: Before dropping the index, make sure  whether index is needed or not. Check with your



As shown above the Index name “DDNTT~~G was dropped.


Repeat the upgrade in SUM screen by clicking Next button.


2211793 – “invalid index name: column already indexed” during support package import


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      Author's profile photo Prasad Ayyanasomayajula
      Prasad Ayyanasomayajula

      Nice article

      Author's profile photo Matt Fraser
      Matt Fraser

      Hi Prasad,

      Would you consider adding the tags "Software Logistics" and "Software Logistics - System Maintenance" to your blog post? Those are the tags most closely associated with activities in SUM, so it will help to properly categorize your blog and put it where people looking for SUM information are more likely to find it.


      Matt Fraser
      SAP Community Moderator