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The Pace of Innovation of the Ecosystem contributes to SAP’s Business ByDesign Success

SAP Business ByDesign and its extensibility concept has been a key message from the very early days of product existence (picture including Solution Extensions). Mainly, the Partner Development Infrastructure (PDI) in addition to openness-check with Knut Heusermann’s great blogs on API, OData, Public Solution Model, etc.- enable customers and partners to build extensions that provide a competitive advantage and are compatible in each and every SAP ByD release. Certainly, successful partners have fully leveraged this capability and were a basis to most of the success stories in cloud ERP- but still many of our innovations have not reached our larger community consisting of customers, prospects, and SAP engaged teams.

With this blog, I would like to contribute to the market knowledge about our partner innovations BUT also ask partners to share their latest and greatest innovation successes with me or the SAP Product Management. I will keep this blog as central entry point to share, in a quarterly update, upcoming innovations by partners.

As of October 2020, I have published an update in the public roadmap about the partner add-ons for the upcomings months. The section since 2002 Release aims to increase the transparency and set the importance of partner innovation as part of the product success . All of them are in the process of publication into the SAP App Center.

There are several new applications, which partners have published in the last weeks. In the following list (date: October 2020), there are just a few to be highlighted for you below and more will be published.

  • Quality Assurance (Dintec): Laboratory control analysis required in manufacturing and production industries
  • E-invoice Mexico(Dintect): Mexico´s electronic Invoicing automatic integration
  • Diot Report (Dintec): Mexican fiscal mandatory report of operations with vendors
  • Integration with MS Dynamic ( Easily connect SAP Business ByDesign and MS Dynamics CRM and NAV

In addition the following partner solutions are in the process of publication (date: October 2020) as it was shared with me:

  • Hungary and Croatia localization (Snap Int)
  • Resource Planning for Projects (AllforOne Steeb)
  • E-invoice for Italy (erplogic)
  • Localization for Finland (Sofigate)

Release highlights 2011During the roll in and roll out sessions organized by Kristof Schneider, we have included new section called: Solution Extensions. The following applications developed by partners have been selected.

  • all4cloud: Intuitive creation of service requests like technical fault messages, accidents, special events. Service4cloud supports maintenance and service, technical faults can be recorded and reported within a minute with just a few clicks. But also the reporting of occupational accidents is easy and fast with this mobile app (Android and IoS) (Blog).
  • Dintec: Generation of final product Certificates of Quality. With the Quality Assurance add-on, you control and ensure the quality of your organization’s products and integrate certificates that support quality inspections in SAP Business ByDesign (Blog).
  • Connected B2B eCommerce with SAP ByDesign, Ready-to-use, API-based connector Universal Integration Adapter for SAP ByDesign leverages the power of the SAP ByDesign‘s own API to cater for any possible integration and data sync requirements between the famous ERP system and your online shop (Blog)


This information is based on below pillars and interconnected activities supported in Product Management:

  1. Delivering innovation by partners into our Public Roadmap (started with release 2002)
  2. Creating an initiative  (since August 2019) to catalyze onboarding partners in our digital marketplace- SAP App Center 
  3. Set an active communication and channel with our SAP ByD community via blogs, newsletters and social media group at LinkedIn
  4. Select and share partner solution extending our product strategy as part of the What’s new Session 


SAP App Center and SAP Business ByDesign. Our digital enterprise marketplace for partners was launched nearly two years ago. It is namely our “de-facto” partner listing and go-to destination for customers looking for industry-specific solutions, 3rd party integration, or add-ons supporting local requirements.

It is also the only place where SAP ByD partners- with more than 6000 add-ons deployed on productive customers- AND all the 3rd party software that integrate with SAP ByD should consider publishing their applications. About 5000 companies running SAP ByD globally will get an advantage on this portal.


Community blogs and social media: During the last 2 years,  many news were released in our official SAP Group SAP ByD Linked-in channel. A number of partners shared their innovation experience through this channel.  In addition, the SAP product management team shows its commitment to the SAP ByD Community by posting blogs into selected areas relevant for partners like “integrate and Extend SAP ByD” (e.g. enhance standard forms and create custom forms; API Overview, etc) or “Localization” (e.g. Localization and partner driven solutions; Localization toolkit, etc)


Customer Newsletter: Our installed base gets regular SAP ByD information reports which also deliver selected partner app published within the SAP App Center.

Just closing with an active call-to-action for innovation worth sharing supporting SAP ByD product strategy as it increases the attractiveness for the market.

As many of you have already realized, I regularly update all of the channels described above and share partner innovation with our ecosystem of customers, partners and prospects. If you need additional information, let me know on my blog.

Stay connected this year!

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