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Author's profile photo Andreas Riehl

The all new Custom CDS Views app

Please note that this blog post refers to the 2002 Version of the Custom CDS Views App. In the meantime, the app evolved. Please refer to the latest “What’s New” blog posts for details (e.g. What’s new in 2111).

What new app?

You may have been surprised or even worried when you first opened the Custom CDS Views app in your 2002 SAP S/4HANA Cloud system after the upgrade. There was just a little “what’s new” section and if you clicked that away without reading (I must admit that this is what I usually do with such messages I receive in apps and web pages) then you found your initial working list empty or just found an app with the subtitle “to be replaced” or even “to be deprecated”.

The good news is, there is no need to worry. This blog post will explain what happened and how to proceed. If you have already read the what’s new or the SAP Note 2874206, you may still want to read this blog post as I will explain the reasons & the roadmap a bit more in detail here.

The Most Important Facts

  • There are two apps in parallel now (for some time):
    • Custom CDS Views is a new version of the Custom CDS Views app
    • Custom CDS Views (to be deprecated) is the “old” version you were using before
  • The “old” app is still there and can be used without any restrictions. You will find all the views you have created there and will be able to work with them
  • Your custom CDS views will not be lost and will not need to be replaced or re-built
  • Since 2005, there is the option to migrate your views from the “old” app to the new one. See the 2005 update for details.
  • The “old” app will not be removed until the new app covers all the use-cases of the old app as well
  • If you want to build new custom CDS views from scratch, you need to use the new version as of 2011

I hope by the time you read this, your mind has changed from worried to curious. The first thing that you now may want to know is …

Why is there a new app at all?

Since the Custom CDS Views app started out, it was designed as a generic CDS modelling tool. Over time, it was enhanced to also serve different usage scenarios like analytical view modelling or API modelling. Even though you have more or less the same functionality in each scenario, like adding data sources, selecting fields, applying filters, and so on, every scenario still requires different details. When you build an analytical cube, for instance, you will need to add additional associations to your view that you do not need if you want to build an external API. Different checks are needed, the documentation you need is a different one and you have to deal with different other tools in different scenarios.

Focus on Scenarios

With the new app, we want to focus a lot more on the usage scenario and provide a better, more specific, guided user experience. This is the reason why you have to choose your scenario upfront in the new app. With that information, we can now give much more specific hints, automate adding fields or attributes that are needed for your scenario and link you to the documentation and tools that are relevant for your case.

Even if some of the things are not there yet from the beginning, the new app gives us as developers of the app the chance to integrate more documentation and more “intelligence” in the future.

New Architecture

Building a new app from scratch gave us the freedom to use a more modern development paradigm. Using new smart UIs and a notion of Fiori Elements enabled using drafts. Your creation progress is therefore now saved with every step you take in the app. No more need to resolve all annoying warning messages before you are able to save your work.

Speed & Simplicity

When you were working with large base views, the old app was sometimes unresponsive. The reason for that was that we read all available fields of all data sources. With the new app, we read the available fields only when you need them. This speeds up editing such views significantly.

When you open the new app the first time, your work list will be empty. This is due to the reason that we only show a clean list of custom CDS views that you can really edit with the app. Other data sources like the SAP VDM Views, or other extensibility views from e.g. Custom Business Objects will no longer show up in the work list. You will only see them when you need them – while adding data sources to your custom CDS view.

Why is the old app still there?

There are still some things that the new app cannot do. It is especially around the views that you created so far. This is why you might also need the “old” app as well:

Ever noticed the “Rework” column in the old app? It shows custom CDS views where we suggest to have a look. A rework task usually indicates that some rules that we added to the app are not reflected in these views yet. When you edit these views in our app, the issue is explained and you are guided to solve it. Although this functionality is generally (since 2011) also present in the new app, there are cases that need to be reworked using the old app (before a migration can take place). This is also one of the reasons why you cannot directly edit the “old” views with the new app.

When will the old app be removed?

We can’t give you an exact date or release for that yet, but it will not be removed without prior notice (you may still need it for the rework as mentioned above). In the next step it will be marked as deprecated. As of today (update from 2011), the new app is ready to fully cover the functionality of the old app. Therefore you are still able to use it to edit existing views but are not able to create new views with it anymore. For customers that started with 2105 or later, the old app is already not available any more.

What about my Custom CDS content?

Productive and published custom CDS views will keep working as they did before. No matter in which app you created them. A published custom CDS view always works independently from the app it was created with.

I can’t preview SAP views in the new App!

As I already mentioned above, you don’t see SAP VDM Views any more in the overview list. That makes the app cleaner and easier to understand, but you cannot preview these views in the new app any more. You can still do so in the old app!

Before the old app is removed, the preview functionality will be available in the View Browser app. The View Browser will closely be integrated to the Custom CDS Views app. Unless the View Browser supports the preview functionality, the old Custom CDS Views app will not be removed.

What’s next?

The Custom CDS Views App is not deprecated nor will it be discontinued. We will continue to improve and enhance the (new) app. We have lots of requirements and feedback that we want to incorporate throughout the next releases.

A lot of that feedback came from you through the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Integration Campaign. The campaign is still ongoing, so you can still participate!

Of course you are also welcome to leave your comments & ask questions right here!


Update from September 2020: As of 2011, the old Custom CDS Views app will not be able to create new views any more. It will still be able to display, preview and edit existing views. Please use the new app to create new views! The blog post was therefore updated accordingly.

Update from May 2021: As of 2105 new customers will not get the old app any more. This blog post was updated accordingly.

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      Author's profile photo Hemanth Batchu
      Hemanth Batchu

      Hi Andreas,

      Can you please share some Blog, on how to user the Put, Patch and Post Methods for the Custom CDS views. This is very Critical for our Business requirement. Any help is greatly appreciated.




      Author's profile photo Andreas Riehl
      Andreas Riehl
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Hemanth Batchu,

      Custom CDS Views allow to create external APIs. An external API is in the end an OData (V2.0) service that can be called via HTTP GET. The allowed operations are read only.

      There is already a blog out there that deals with this topic. Have a look at

      Hope that helps!

      Best Regards,

      Author's profile photo Mathias Rup
      Mathias Rup

      Hi Hemanth,

      there is also a growing set of APIs that also support mentioned methods:

      Best, mathias

      Author's profile photo Andreas Riehl
      Andreas Riehl
      Blog Post Author

      I was asked what is really new in the new app, how it differs to the old app - so there is a new blog post on that as well now:

      Best Regards,

      Author's profile photo Raj Madhavan
      Raj Madhavan

      Andreas -

      I am slightly not clear. We develop custom CDS views using HANA Studio. Is CDS view app an alternative way to design and develop custom CDS views. Are there benefits of Custom CDS App over HANA Studio.

      Thanks, Raj

      Author's profile photo Andreas Riehl
      Andreas Riehl
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Raj,

      The Custom CDS Views app is a Fiori app, mainly for SAP S/4HANA Cloud (Key Users) that allows to use SAP delivered VDM Views, Custom Business Objects and other SAP S/4HANA (CDS) extensibility objects. Technically, these are all ABAP CDS views, no HANA CDS views. So no, this is no alternative to HANA studio.

      Best Regards,

      Author's profile photo Raj Madhavan
      Raj Madhavan

      Hello Andreas -


      Thanks for the response. I should have been specific.

      We are using ABAP CDS views and use ABAP Development Tools (ADT) in Eclipse/HANA Studio to extend the existing out-of box or create new custom ABAP CDS views.


      I guess we have to be in SAP cloud to tap into Custom CDS view Fiori app.





      Author's profile photo Andreas Riehl
      Andreas Riehl
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Raj,

      Thanks for the clarification. In this case you really have a similar use case like the Custom CDS Views app. The app itself is available in the SAP S/4HANA On Premise version as well. So theoretically, you could use the app as well. See'F1866A')/S20

      But if you use the app, you have to be aware that you are limited to the functionality & rules the app sets (they are cloud centric) and you cannot modify these views again in ADT, nor can you use your own CDS Views that you built in ADT as data sources.

      Apart from that, you can use the app in S/4HANA on premise as well. It makes sense e.g. if you plan to go to S/4HANA Cloud at a later point in time or if you are using in-app extensibility.

      Best Regards,