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SAP Cloud Platform Integration – News and Announcements


SAP Cloud Platform Integration version 3.20.x comes with enhancement feature that lets the user know on the latest software release information. This short blog explains about this feature.

News and Announcement

News Paper icon has been introduced in cloud platform integration web UI at the top right corner. When you click on that icon, an information popup window opens up, which provides information about software updates, link to the community page and other specific information related to cloud integration.

Sample screenshot of the same below




Upcoming enhancement

  • Currently, user has to manual click on the news paper icon. In upcoming releases, auto-popup of this window will be enabled to show the information automatically whenever there is new information is available and to be shared with users.


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  • Hi Deepak:

    This is about cpi version,But the way you said, I can’t show any messages,

    Is this feature relevant to some user privileges;

    Thanks very much!

    • Hi Tang,

      The screenshot what you have provided is the one which you get by clicking User Menu Icon -> About.

      But, you should be clicking a News Paper kind of a icon, which is placed right side of the user menu icon. Clicking on News Paper icon shows up the News and Announcement Dialog.


      Hope this helps