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Nearby Customers using SAP HANA spatial capabilities & SAPUI5

What is it all about !

I recently had to develop a Fiori like application for a direct sales scenario ( DSD module ) .The salesmen visit vending machines located all over UAE and do a stock audit along with the price tag in each spiral with in the machine . Vending machines are defined as customers in customer master.

So of course in the application, there must be a search help to choose the customer. There we tried to do some improvisation and turned out awesome .


What we did

Before explaining further , lets see the data we had with us in SAP. All the customers’ , including the vending machines’ geo location is maintained in customer master. We have 2 append fields in KNA1 which stores the latitude and longitude. Without which the whole solution wouldn’t be materialized.


The SAPUI5 side

Firstly , we need to capture the location of salesman. When he opens the Fiori application( We have customized Fiori Client , but this works in browser too ) , we call the navigator service which returns the latitude and longitude.

if (!navigator.geolocation) { 
   //no access to read location data
navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(function(position) {
   var latitude = position.coords.latitude ;
   var longitude = position.coords.longitude ;

   //send these cordinates to backend.

   //ignore the error .. something wrong with lcaiton service


This is how we capture the geo location. If we running this with in the cordova container, then app should have access to read device location .

The ABAP & HANA Side 

Ok , now how do we find the customers nearby ? Either we must use location services API like google to send all the information to them and get it done. But for this particular scenario , this is not required.

2 options  :

Option 1 –  Manually write a logic to find distance to each customer from the geo-coordinate passed from the UI  .

Here is how you can do it. Link

Option 2 : 

We are running on SAP HANA . SAP HANA has built in spacial capabilities .

Let me show you the SQL behind first how does this work .

(NEW ST_POINT('POINT(25.261515 55.366487)',4326).ST_DISTANCE(NEW ST_POINT('POINT(25.201272 55.274903)',4326),'meter'))/1000 as Distance
from dummy ;

And the result returned is 10.889638126959479 KM

We wrote a wrapper AMDP class , which calculates the distance from the input Geo coordinates to each customer( vending machines ) and returns only the list with in 500m limit.

       LT_KNA1_DATA =
         select KUNNR ,
                LZONE ,
                NAME1 ,
                NAME2 ,
                cast( NEW ST_POINT('POINT(' || ZLAT || '  ' || ZLONG || ')',4326).
                            ST_DISTANCE(NEW ST_POINT('POINT(' || :LATITUDE || '  ' || :LONGITUDE || ')',4326)) as integer ) 
                as DISTANCE_IN_M
                from KNA1 where LZONE = :ROUTE and ZLAT != '' and ZLONG != '';

     LT_KNA1 =   select KUNNR ,
                        LZONE ,
                        NAME1 ,
                        NAME2 ,

                        from   :LT_KNA1_DATA
                               DISTANCE_IN_M <=  :DISTANCEINM
                              order by DISTANCE_IN_M asc;



Output in SAPUI5 App 


Enjoy innovating …

Sreehari Pillai

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