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How to Keep Your Brand in Customers’ Minds

Customers feel just as invested in their sense of community with a brand as they do in its products and services. Your hard work on products or services may speak volumes, but your brand must speak more often than you realize to build deeper customer connections. A mix of trust, digital engagement, financial incentives and loyalty rewards can keep a necessary sense of community and connection with your brand in customers’ minds.


No brand can succeed when its target customers do not trust it. Brands build trust with a combination of familiar old concepts and fresh new ideas in verbal and visual communications. Harvard Business Review found brevity and timelessness are two must-haves in a company’s brand identity, a complex matrix establishing central values and messages for future developments to build from indefinitely.

Customers are most likely to remember short social media posts, advertising taglines and personal messages from founders or endorsers. Even when branding efforts deliver concise information, customers still want to feel a sense of permanence in companies they invest in. Forego complex attempts to dazzle and challenge customers in favor of simple messaging crowds can recall and repeat easily.

Savvy Digital Engagement

Social media engagement is useful and effective, but there is an awfully daunting amount of competition from other brands in customer feeds. Most people are so overwhelmed with constant emails from retailers that this form of marketing can backfire to decreased customer retention.

Mobile application development is on the rise for these reasons. Unlike social posts and emails, which can land in ghosted profiles and spam folders, personalized mobile apps give customers freedom to choose how and how often they wish to engage favorite brands. Brands can complement social media and email with more reliable, user-friendly apps as intimate gateways to their offerings without distractions from other brands.

Smart Financial Incentives

People love to talk about how much money they save and what great deals they find. A surefire way to build a tribe of brand ambassadors is to save customers money in as many ways as possible. Savings always encourage repeat business and lead to word-of-mouth promotions.

Grow customers through a variety of financial incentives instead of repeated, predictable strategies. Disrupt stale “20% off every Tuesday” patterns and launch a sudden flash sale out of nowhere. Offer frequent referral bonuses, promotional codes and entry sweepstakes as techniques to make it exciting when customers save.

Loyalty Rewards

Old customers are future customers. Brands work hard to earn new consumers’ attention, respect and business. But they forget about the faithful pioneers who took risks on them in the beginning plus helped build up the brand’s name over time.

Appreciate your prized, but oft-neglected, initial customer base and recapture its attention. Take special notice when reviews and testimonials mention long-term loyalty, then highlight them on social media and opt-in newsletters. Keep your brand’s website and mobile apps optimized to let customers track bonus points, savings and milestones easily.

Your Brand Can Break Through

Competition is always there but your brand can come out on top with tenacity, effort and drive. Your core team should understand how much customers must get through to get to your brand and make every impression they get worth it.

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