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Author's profile photo Sudip Ghosh

We had a Blast at SAP Inside Track Bangalore – #sitBLR 2020 Recap

Hello SAP Community,

I know you are looking at the title and thinking you might have missed your one of the memorable time in 2020. Yes definitely you are correct if you are from Bangalore. Because we just had lots of fun after two years (the Last #sitBLR happened in 2017) in #sitBLR. Well, many people have already shared their #sitBLR experience as blog and Video and everyone knows now what all sessions we have covered there because we made it live for the whole SAP Community to enjoy the show. So in this blog, I am going to share recap, what we did, how we have formed the team and worked really hard to make it to another level and definitely all great memory from #sitBLR. So that whoever is going to organize next anywhere in India will be getting some benefits and insight to make their SIT also successful.


Let’s be honest here, I had never ever organized any event before this but definitely been a speaker for many events like SAP Teched (2017,2018,2019), Digital ocean, many business challenge, and hackathon, etc. So this is my first experience as an organizer and as well as debut into SAP Inside Track. It all started in 2019 SAP Teched when I met with Nabheet Madan and Katarina Nonhebelin person and got to know lots about SAP Community events. We started a discussion and it turned into serious when Shailesh Naik joined us. To be Honest Nabheet Madan ‘s last year #sitCHD experience helped us a lot to make proper plans, strategies, execute and formed below great team for executing #sitBLR. Before Event, we made a couple of meetups for discussing the responsibility  and how we gonna execute each thing, there were many challenges we have faced but when everyone has the same vision and passion challenges, Roadblocks are very easy to clear.

“Unity is strength. . . when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. –Mattie Stepanek


Preparation for the D Big day.

Since #sitBLR last happened in 2017 and after that we couldn’t see any entry in Wiki, It was quite challenging for us to get some idea. In order to organize any event, first thing you need is a place and getting a place in Bangalore for Hosting around 80 People is really a big deal if you don’t have that much sponsor. Special thanks to SAP Labs India Bangalore for allowing us to host #sitBLR and I also would like to thanks Shailesh Naik  for all the help on this. Once we got a place, all of us got enough confidence to go for the next step, I made my #sitBLR announcement blog. By god’s grace and everyone’s support, we were managed to get sponsors and then slowly finished almost everything which is required as a Pre-Event task. We also made big decision that we will be doing our all sessions in YouTube live, as there was no SAP Inside Track Bangalore YouTube Channel it was challenging for us to make live from mobile as you need 1K Subscriber for making YouTube Live from Mobile as per YouTube, so we started campaigning to get 1K subscriber and somehow managed to get around 430 Subscribers before first February, it’s difficult but when whole SAP Community supports you, things become easier. So definitely I want to thanks the whole SAP Community because this 430 Subscribers gave me enough inspiration to find a way to make it live and I found an app called Live Now which allows making YouTube Live from Mobile with any number of Subscribers.


I also understand the pain to get good number of subscribers in YouTube and we decided this YouTube Channel if any other organizers want to use for making their SIT live in anywhere in India, I am more than happy to share the credential because that’s what I have learned from community and community is all about helping people.


Also a Big thanks to Svea Becker for helping us and guiding us whenever we needed,


1st February 2020 – Day we all were waiting for

It’s great to see people have shared their experience as blog and the greatest part is some of them have started their blogging journey with #sitBLR experience, some of them again resumed their blogging journey after a long time and someone shared her #sitBLR experience as blog, though she was not present physically in India but watched on YouTube Live. That’s how I can feel that what importance and impact we have created in their life through #sitBLR. Below are just some of the experiences people have shared as a blog.


Experience of #sitBLR 2020  by Balaji G

My SAP Inside Track Experience – #sitBLR by Nitin Deshpande

My First Blog Post and My SAP Inside Track Experience – #sitBLR 2020 by Hariharan Manikandan

My First SAP Inside Track #sitBLR Experience @SAPLabs Bangalore   by Chaitanya Kshemkalyani

All Sessions

The morning started with the registration process and badge distributing in a very disciplined way. Then Mitesh Shah  kicked off the show with a lovely keynote and shared much insight on SAP Cloud Platform. Initially, we were struggling with live recording but after a few minutes, everything got settled. Below is the video link of the keynote, if you haven’t seen yet, just watch. The audience was having many questions and the best part is all are very insightful interesting questions.

The second session was the most Interesting one ‘Taking the next steps in functional programming’ By My Inspiration DJ Adams , though there was huge Time Zone Difference between India and the Place where DJ lives, DJ enlightens us with his knowledge and Audience Enjoyed it. I remember this functional programming was the most favorite session in 2019 SAP Teched Community Lounge, so we requested DJ to have another session on it at #sitBLR, Again a big thanks to DJ Adams 

Well, we tried to do balance in sessions because we didn’t want to make boring for functional consultants and so the 3rd Session was taken by Sai Krishna Vallurupalli  on ‘Prediction Ledger  Functionality’ Indeed it was a great session. Below is the link for the same.

Then we had Tea and Coffee Break during that time we had some fun, we asked people how is the experience so far in #sitBLR, Dipti Jena and srishti kumari asked people, and below are  some examples.

After a coffee break we had a great session on ‘Brief about SAP Cloud Platform Integration Advisor’ by one of the Integration Champion Sriprasad Shivaram Bhat , below is the link for the same.

After this session, a lunch break was needed and we all went for lunch all together.

Just after lunch we also got a chance to have a memorable family photo

After lunch, we needed some interesting topic to get into track and we had a very interesting topic on ‘Data Convergence for Automatic Face Detection – IoT, AI, and Blockchain’ By Vijay Gunti, The Demo was fantastic, though it was cutting edge technical topic everyone enjoyed the session very much.

After ‘Data Convergence for Automatic Face Detection – IoT, AI and Blockchain’  Ruthvik Chowdary was ready to rock the stage with his Interesting topic ‘Supplier Evaluation & Flexible Workflows’

UX is a key ingredient in any product, and we all were missing some talks on UX, Co-Incidentally Lingaiah Vanam ‘s session was next and that was also on ‘S/4HANA Fiori User Interface (UX)’

At this point a coffee break was needed because next topic was not only my favorite, all the CAP lovers were waiting for and PAVAN S  was also waiting for enlightening us  with his session on ‘Develop SAP Fiori apps with cloud foundry using SAP WEBIDE’

Building a scalable app with Microservice architecture is one of the great ways to do and our next speaker Nitin Deshpande was full charged to rock the stage with his session on ‘Building Microservices Based Architecture using Docker and Kubernetes’

Valentine week was very near and everyone was waiting to see  ‘What happens when Outlook proposes SAP CPI with PDF ring ? By Hariharan Manikandan

We almost reached at end of the show, which no one wanted I believe, but yes we had to close and show was ended with Big Thanks to all other organizers, volunteers, speakers and definitely all great sponsors.

Well, that’s all session we had, but now coming into the interesting fact which we did in #sitBLR, i guess everyone loved it. We had three contests 1. Spinning Wheel 2. Twitter Contest 3. Quiz after every session. And for all the contests we had exciting prizes. 28 people have won the quiz contest and got #sitBLR google sipper which was sponsored by JK Technosoft. Below are the three spinning wheel winners they will be getting SAP Press E-Book.

We also saw many people joined #sitBLR in twitter, Below is a glimpse of the Social Media Recap for SAP Inside Track Bangalore 2020.

We also had an Interesting twitter contest as mentioned  and winners will be getting Espresso Tutorial E book. Below are the winners of twitter contest

All the Quiz winners got awesome google sipper sponsored by JK Technosoft , and we had some nice coffee mug sponsored by Pranava Technologies and SAP Inside Track Bangalore badges sponsored by SAP Community for every single person who joined #sitBLR.

For All the goodies, Lunch and Coffee we want to do special thanks again to all our sponsors.


**If anyone is interested to see finance details or expense details, it is uploaded here.

Last but not least, I also want to thanks Oliver Kohl for helping me to add all the sessions in OpenSIT. Where other SAP Inside Track events are also available. I would suggest to go and watch all the great content.


To be honest, we never thought that #sitBLR 2020 will be so successful because it didn’t happen in Bangalore for last two years, but it turned into one of the greatest #sitBLR of all time, most importantly we had great get together meetup with lots of knowledge sharing and serious fun. The best part is many rockstars inside SAP Community whom we see in writing great blogs, answering questions joined #sitBLR and we all had a chance to meet with each one of them. Thanks and Kudos each one of them who joined #sitBLR and made it to another level, this shows the passion of everyone towards SAP Community, again I want to thanks all the sponsors and the Great SAP Community. #sitBLR 2020 Chapter one made the local community stronger which clearly shows another chapter needs to be opened very soon. Because we everyone believe in learn, share, inspire and repeat agree Nabheet Madan .














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      Author's profile photo DJ Adams
      DJ Adams

      A great write-up, thanks Sudip. And congratulations & kudos to the execution team and of course all the speakers – a huge “well done” from me. Thanks also for having me remotely, I really enjoyed it and feel honoured to have been involved in a small way. Until the next time!


      Author's profile photo Sudip Ghosh
      Sudip Ghosh
      Blog Post Author

      It was our pleasure to have you in #sitBLR, We all are glad that you also enjoyed. And big thanks to you  for everything 🙂

      Author's profile photo Ruthvik Chowdary
      Ruthvik Chowdary

      Wow!!! ?? That's really a great Recap of the #sitBLR Sudip Ghosh

      Author's profile photo Sudip Ghosh
      Sudip Ghosh
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you so much Ruthvik Chowdary

      Author's profile photo Svea Becker
      Svea Becker

      Thanks for this great recap, thanks for mentioning me and I am always happy to help when it comes to extending engagement activities in the SAP Community!

      Congratulation on your success! ?


      Author's profile photo Sudip Ghosh
      Sudip Ghosh
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you so much for your all kind of support and everything you did for us.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Interesting first-hand sneak peeks of the organizing team, your blog is commendable. Events like this, provide a platform for sharing knowledge and experience, a great way to collaborate and learn. This time couldn't get the passes but it's ok, as I was able to join remotely for DJ's session.

      Author's profile photo Sudip Ghosh
      Sudip Ghosh
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Deepayan,

      Thank you so much for your point of view and valuable comment, I am glad that you got a chance to see DJ live now all the sessions are available in  , you may have a look in your free time. Yes this kind of event enable lots of things.




      Author's profile photo Nabheet Madan
      Nabheet Madan

      Great recap Sudip.. kudos to the organizers, volunteer, attendees and sponsors for making this event a grand success. Hopefully we will conduct many more in Banaglore:)


      Author's profile photo Sudip Ghosh
      Sudip Ghosh
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks for your all support, yes definitely we need another chapter very soon 🙂

      Author's profile photo Shailesh Naik
      Shailesh Naik

      Wonderful Recap Sudip Ghosh , It was your constant hardwork that paid off.

      It was an great opportunity to work for SAP Community, thumbs up to Organizers Volunteers Speakers Participants and sponsors and SAP Labs office Bangalore for all the support and help to make this a successful event,

      I would like to specially thank Nabheet Madan for guiding and introducing to SIT event, all through to make it a grand success.

      Author's profile photo Sudip Ghosh
      Sudip Ghosh
      Blog Post Author

      Shailesh Naik Thank you so much, I am glad that you liked the recap. it was all of our hard work which made successful #sitBLR.

      Author's profile photo srishti kumari
      srishti kumari

      This was a wonderful recap Sudip Ghosh .Thank you for providing me the opportunity to be a part of this event.Thanks to everyone who made this event a great success.

      Thank you to the organizer committee for cooperating so well and thanks to all the speakers for sharing the knowledge with us.Indeed we were englightened.

      We will wait for more such events to come up.

      Author's profile photo Sudip Ghosh
      Sudip Ghosh
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you to you too for contributing to the community and being part of this, i really appreciate your all efforts

      Author's profile photo Lingaiah Vanam
      Lingaiah Vanam

      Good recap #sitBLR Sudip Ghosh

      Author's profile photo Sudip Ghosh
      Sudip Ghosh
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you so much 🙂

      Author's profile photo Sai Krishna Vallurupalli
      Sai Krishna Vallurupalli

      Thank you very much Sudip, You did wonderful job to make big success the event. Big Thank to you.

      Author's profile photo Sudip Ghosh
      Sudip Ghosh
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you so much for coming and sharing knowledge with sap community

      Author's profile photo Manoj Kumar
      Manoj Kumar

      Thanks Sudip Ghosh, It was so professionally organized.A warmest thanks goes to the organizer team and making it available for free for the developers. #sitBLR

      Author's profile photo Sudip Ghosh
      Sudip Ghosh
      Blog Post Author

      I am very glad that you liked the arrangement , we tried our best to make it successful.

      Author's profile photo Isabel Sanchez
      Isabel Sanchez

      Thank you for the mention Sudip Ghosh . Nice recap! I see some of my contacts there and I am proud of having you as contacts! 🙂

      I will make sure I will follow next event, despite the distance, the same if I were there.

      Again, thank you!

      Author's profile photo Sudip Ghosh
      Sudip Ghosh
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you Isabel, Its my pleasure to be in your contacts.