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3 Reasons Why Your SAP Business Needs Voicemail 

The customers of SAP businesses are more demanding than ever, and also more active than ever when it comes to sharing their feedback (be it good or bad) on the kind of experience they’ve had with your company. This means businesses need to keep up with the ever-growing expectations and offer nothing less than the best possible experiences to customers. 

Voicemail in your SAP business is one way to enhance and manage customer engagement and experience: a good voicemail service lets you easily track call duration, hold times, wait times, and overall usage.

Most business phone services come with call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting, call routing, call recording, and more.

Not only can an efficient phone service help you manage customer calls, but it can also help you understand your customers and improve their experience by leaps and bounds. 

Below are three more detailed reasons why your business may benefit from a voicemail service:

Majority of Customers Prefer Voicemail:

You may wonder after reading the title that, in a world so advanced and fast-paced, the last way your customers would be interested in engaging with you is through voicemail.  

Well, you might be surprised to know that, according to statistics, 54% of customers say that, even with new means of communication (like social media) available, they prefer phone conversations for customer service. 39% of consumers actively provide feedback to organizations online while 31% make pre-sales inquiries. 

Clearly, one-third of the customers seem interested in engaging with businesses through voicemail; that’s a considerably large chunk and can have a far-reaching impact on your business. 

Feedback from Customers:

Successful businesses do not just do what they think is best for them, they focus on what the customer thinks and how the customer feels, and work on themselves accordingly. 

Voicemail is one of the most useful tools to help you collect customer feedback and to know your customers better, and thanks to automated voicemail systems and professional voicemail greetings, it is easier than ever before.

Through the feedback collected, you can get critical information about the ways you serve your customers, and it can help you understand the mistakes you might be making by keeping a record of the following:

  • Calls answered
  • Calls dropped
  • Calls rerouted
  • Hold times
  • Customer feedback

A Reliable Backup:

What use is customer feedback if it isn’t safely recorded and backed up so you can go back to it and analyze it. Hence, it is imperative to have a voicemail solution system so that you can keep a record of messages for reference.

A good voicemail system for your SAP business should ideally come with features that allow you to view and manage messages from your online dashboard. Moreover, it will also send a copy of the messages to your email so there is always backup that you can rely on.


Thanks to new age technology, increasingly effective and powerful voice solutions are rolled out every now and then by telephone equipment manufacturers and software developers. Features are becoming more sophisticated and the options to choose from are endless. 

With a good voicemail service, not only will you be able to keep in touch with your customers and solve their issues 24/7, but it will also make your business seem more professional. This will help your customers feel like you truly care about them and they will feel valued.

In conclusion, a voicemail service to manage your customers’ input will save you a lot of time and hassle by taking care of intercepting and organizing your voicemails and subsequently assisting you in serving your customers better.

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