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Part 1:SAP Business objects: Let’s make installation simple with combination of Linux and ASE DB


After long time I worked with ASE database. Most of the time I am working with HANA-Linux and Windows-SQL but ASE DB of SAP and Linux …. hmm that quite different.


I started with below

SAP Business Object : 4.2

Linux : Suse X64

DB : ASE 16

Installation : Shared (Clusters as shown below)

Installation design is as below… This is very high level and they are all connected so I am not pointing too many arrows in this graphic 🙂


Lets start … topic by topic … What needs to be done?

1. Database Server Settings


First I have created user to perform database installation on server

I am creating one user which can shared name with all other servers for example DB and bobj sid

Please setup user as below

Provide username

Set Login Shell

Make sure User ID on all other server is same for this user when you create this user on rest of the clustered servers.

Now next Install required library files and adjust kernel

Library files and kernel settings


Required libraries can be installed by ZYPPER

  • zypper install glibc
  • zypper install glibc-32bit
  • zypper install libstdc++33
  • zypper install libstdc++33-32bit

Example as below


Edit or add the following kernel parameters and values to the /etc/sysctl.conf file

  • kernel.sem = 250 32000 32 1024
  • kernel.msgmni = 1024
  • kernel.shmmax = 18446744073709551615

Now get your disks ready for installation

Disk Mounts

I have created mounts as below

Below is just an example to create mounts and you can decide what names you want to give to your disk mounts. The hidden name is SID name which I want to give for my system and DB


Make sure user you created have r+w access to all mounts (Each and every server)

Optional item can be installed as below


Install unixODBC through YaST2


Now your server is ready to start ASE database installation

Part 2:SAP Business objects: Let’s make installation simple with combination of Linux and ASE DB

Thank you for reading

Yogesh Patel

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