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Disable Button in SAP GUI – Disable “Preview” button in FD03


In this blog post, we will learn how to disable “Preview” button in transaction FD03.

This functionality will work only if a field is masked on the screen.

If Table Name and Field Name is maintained, then the Disable Button functionality will be executed based on user authorization.

If Table Name and Field Name is not maintained, then the Disable Button functionality will be executed for the configured function code, provided at least one field is masked on the screen.

The end result for unauthorized users will look like below:


Product “Field Masking for SAP GUI” is used in this scenario to disable button in SAP GUI screens and must be installed in the customer system.


Role based masking is required for transaction FD03, “Name” of Customers need to be masked.

Maintain Masking configuration

Configure Technical Information (Table Name-Field Name) of field in masking configuration.

You can get the Technical Address of a GUI field by pressing “F1” on the field.

Follow the given path:

SPRO -> SAP NetWeaver -> Field Masking for SAP GUI -> Masking Configuration->Maintain Masking Configuration


Maintain SAP GUI Function Code for Button Disable Configuration

Here, we will configure Program Name and Function Code for the Disable Button functionality of the selected function code in SAP GUI.

Note:- You can get the Program Name under System -> Status -> Program (screen) Name and Function Code information of a button by pressing “F1” on the button.

Program Name

Function Code

Alternatively, you can find the Program Name and Function Code information by using the following instructions –

  • Execute T-Code FD03

  • Enter Customer as “3474” and Click on “Continue” button

  • Enter /HS in the Command Field in order to switch on Debugging

  • Click on the button to be disabled. In this case, click on “Preview” button

  • Double-click on “%_CALLER_PROGRAM_NAME“, you will get the Program Name

  • Type “SY-UCOMM” and press “Enter” key, you will get the Function Code

Follow the given path:

SPRO -> SAP NetWeaver -> Field Masking for SAP GUI -> Masking Configuration-> Maintain SAP GUI Function Code for Button Disable Configuration

Follow below mentioned steps:
  • Click on “New Entries” button
  • Enter “Program Name” as “SAPMF02D
  • Enter “Function Code” as “$SHO
  • Enter “Description” as “Disable Preview button in FD03
  • Check “Enable Configuration” check-box
  • Enter “Table Name” as “ADDR1_DATA
  • Enter “Field Name” as “NAME1
  • Enter “Message Class” as “/UIM/UI
  • Enter “Message Number” as “912
  • Click on “Save” button


In this blog post we have learnt to disable “Preview” button in transaction FD03.


For information on Disable Button feature in UI Data Protection, please refer blog post Disable Button UI Data Protection – Disable “Additional Data” button in MM03.

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      Author's profile photo Alexander Viana Fernandez
      Alexander Viana Fernandez

      Hello Amit Kumar Singh ,

      I’m trying to disable a menu in the BNK_MONI transaction, but I have a problem with one case:

      The results screen of the BNK_MONI is an ALV and we want to disable the payments menu:












      For that we have made the following configuration:

      – First we masked a field in the screen:


      – And second we have configured the disabled button:


      With these changes the menu appears disabled correctly:
























      If we then removed the “Grouping field value2” from the ALV, without leaving the screen:













      The menu continues disabled and in the screen there is no masked field, (for me this is correct because the field continues in the ALV but is not shown):

      The issue is if we started the BNK_MONY with a variant that doesn’t show the masked field (exactly the above image but we started directly from a variant that doesn’t contain the field into the visible fields), in that case we have the masked field in the ALV but is not shown, exactly as the above behavior.
      In this case the Payment menu works without any restriction:


      And we enter in the payments screen.


      This example is the same as the first case, but in the first case the menu appears disabled (even though the masked field was not showing on the screen) and in this case the menu is not disabled.

      In both cases the masked field is included in the ALV, but not shown, in the first case the disabled menu works an in the last example it doesn’t.


      Thanks for your help.


      Author's profile photo Amit Kumar Singh
      Amit Kumar Singh
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Alexander,

      Based on the support ticket raised with us, Team is working on the same. We will keep you posted on the same.


      Amit Kumar Singh