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SAP Inside Track Bangalore 2020 from outside


Last Saturday an event took place in SAP Labs India.

Unluckily, due to the distance I couldn’t attend, but I saw some videos recorded there.

Not only this event, but any other event helps to understand the new trends in IT, puts faces and voice to people you admire and you have never met in person.

From the distance, when an event takes place it’s like if I was there.

Personally speaking, an event is a chance to get a wider view of the solutions and to allow people to performance and share knowledge.

Now going to the point, I would like to share some links that everybody can see:

Youtube channel:


People that attended the event:

Ruthvik Chowdary (Supplier evaluation + flexible workflow

Sudip Ghosh (Developer, in a short conversation) 

Lingaiam Vanam

Arun M

Shailesh Naik

DJ Adams

Ahutosh Anand

Just a pair of thoughts:

I am not a developer, but I am interested in it.

I am not a procurement expert, but I am interested in it.

Keep it up. See you in the next! ?



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