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My First SAP Inside Track #sit Experience

My First SAP Inside Track #sit Experience.


I would like to share my experience which I had at SAP Inside Track Bangalore #sitBLR, which is my first SIT event I attended.

I was waiting for this SIT to happen in Bangalore from past 2 years. And finally waiting came to an end by seen a post on December 26, 2019, which is posted by Sudip, I was thrilled and excited very much.

Immediately registered to the event and submitted the nomination for the speaker as well.

And the day came Feb 1st 2020, in the beautiful premises of SAP Labs Bangalore #sitBLR Happened

It’s really an awesome experience, I got a chance to meet a few LinkedIn friends. Where we used to exchange knowledge over LinkedIn but meeting them all in person for the first time is a great feeling.

Meat few people like JanardanDeepika hiremattLingaiah Vanam ,  Bandana BaralArunkumar M Deepaak Maddur , Raja ReddySai Krishna Vallurupalli

It started at 10:00 AM and continued till 5:45 PM, the whole time never got bored with 10 sessions or felt exhausted at all because of the interesting topics given by experts in SAP also Quiz and games which are conducted by Dipti Jena & srishti kumari kept event more interactive and fun especially spin a wheel ?

All the sessions wear very interestingly and informative which Enlighted all.

Mitesh Shah (VP, SAP CP) – SAP Cloud Platform

DJ Adams – functional programming

Sai Krishna Vallurupalli – Prediction Ledger Functionality

Sriprasad Shivaram Bhat – SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Vijay Gunti – Automatic Face Detection – IoT

Me Ruthvik Chowdary ? – Supplier Evaluation & Flexible Workflows

Lingaiah Vanam – Fiori User Interface (UX)

PAVAN S – Developing SAP Fiori apps with cloud foundry

Nitin Deshpande – Building Microservices using Docker and Kubernetes

Hariharan Manikandan – Outlook proposes SAP CPI with PDF

Though it’s my first SIT I got an opportunity as a speaker

I really enjoyed, learned and meet new people.


And, I would like to take this platform to thank people behind this successful event, the main face to make #sitBLR a memorable event to all participates who attended is Sudip Ghosh If he didn’t take all the pain and responsibility means this couldn’t have happened. Really, I appreciate your effort, Bro.

And also other organizers & volunteers backed up him and made this one a great success.

Organizers Volunteers
Nabheet Madan Dipti Jena
Shailesh Naik srishti kumari
Harsha Vardhan Kotni Ram Sakha Kumar
ashutosh anand Santosh Varada
Nirmal Menokil
Nagarjuna Vanapalli

And Sponsors, without money nothing will happen ?

Finally, the IT team who worked hard to make the event without any issues like projector, systems for showing demo, networking & all event supporting things not even a second got wasted because it’s just because of you guys,


Some of the memories which I have taken back


Personally, I feel SIT should happen more frequently in Bangalore. At least quarterly once.


The only challenge which I or many speakers faced is time slot of 30Mins, to deliver the content and to make more detailed explanation at least 45mins or max 1Hr has to be allocated, Yeah in that case the event needs to happen 2 days or the number of sessions will be less that’s another point.


So next time please consider this point to make the event more than 1-day ?


Once again, a big thank you to all the Attendees, Speakers & Organizers…

See you at next #sitBLR….


Thanks & Regards

Ruthvik Chowdary

SME – S/4 HANA Manufacturing & Procurement

SAP Ariba P2P

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  • Good to see you in action, Ruthvik Chowdary 🙂

    Your excitement, for the event, can be felt from your words, and I enjoyed reading it.

    Speaking at events boost one's confidence and as Consultants, we all need such experiences 🙂

    All the best, for your future endeavors, Ruthvik!

  • Great Ruthvik ! Congratulations 

    I gladly reminded my 1st SIT atendance by reading your blog. I also debuted as speaker. After that I had 28 SITs and many of them as speaker and Organizer. This is the best opportunity to get in touch with SAP Community members in person.

    The event agenda was balanced. Topics related financials as well as technical. Indeed 30 minutes is a short portion of session. I had 20 once and I have delayed in pass the baston to the next speaker.

    I hope see you in many others events. My best wishes

  • Thank you for coming out and sharing your knowledge with SAP Community. I am also glad that your overall experience is very good, which really means lot for me and other organizers.

    • Thank you Sudip GhoshFirst for taking initiation to organize this event.

      Please organize more at least 6months once so people like me will come and share knowledge more.

      Next time I'm expecting one session form you as well, and please give me 1hr ?

  • Thanks Ruthvik Chowdary for sharing the experience along with also being a presenter.  My 2 cents on the below mentioned point is that we have couple of constraints when we organize from many people wanting to present, 2 days is a good idea but it comes with its own side of complications. But agreed going forward if we have around 100+ attendees we can have two separate tracks going on in parallel something like functional and technical or something like. Anyways thanks once again for sharing the experience.

    The only challenge which I or many speakers faced is time slot of 30Mins, to deliver the content and to make more detailed explanation at least 45mins or max 1Hr has to be allocated, Yeah in that case the event needs to happen 2 days or the number of sessions will be less that’s another point.

    • Thank you Nabheet Madan I thought of meeting you in person when I saw your name but later Sudip Ghoshsaid you are but in onsite with some project works, will try to meet up in next #sitBLR or teched which comes first...

      agreed to your points of complications, but it's fine 30mins if we present more some attendee feel bored, short and crisp will be fine

  • Great post and pictures, Ruthvik Chowdary

    I can really feel how exiting the event was and how much you enjoyed it. It's fantastic to see how many people joined #sitBLR and how huge the demand in Bangalore is. I hope the organizer team will keep on going.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Regards, Svea