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Differences in Length for I_CUSTOMER and I_SUPPLIER CDS Views Compared to I_BUSINESSPARTNER for fields such as Name, City and Street

Hello SAP S/4HANA Cloud Community,


I work on the LO-MD-BP component for SAP S/4HANA Cloud and I wanted to share some information with our community around a topic for which I have seen a couple of incidents querying so I wanted to add the reason here.


When querying data relating to Customer or Supplier Business Partners using the I_CUSTOMER or I_SUPPLIER CDS Views we sometimes see truncated names compared to the values returned by the I_BUSINESSPARTNER CDS View for the same Business Partner.

This is system behaviour which has existed since the on-premise days. The reason that the I_CUSTOMER and I_SUPPLIER CDS only allow for 35 characters is that they pull their data from the backend tables KNA1 (Customer Master) and LFA1 (Vendor Master) and in the KNA1 and LFA1 tables the system only recognizes the first 35 characters Name fields. We see the same behaviour for the Street and City fields as well.

The name data maintained in field NAME_FIRST in the Business Partner comes from the backend table BUT000 which allows creating up to 40 characters and this is why you can see longer names when using I_BUSINESSPARTNER.

As such in the I_CUSTOMER CDS view any letters more then 35 characters of the customer name will get truncated in central address management, as KNA1-NAME1 can only store 35 characters.

This is why we sometimes see differences between the

Kind Regards,
Stephen Ward
SAP S/4HANA Cloud Product Support

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