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Planned SAP Fiori tools will simplify SAP Fiori elements development – call for beta

*** Feb 6, 2020 update ***
The beta program is currently full. Thank you to everyone in the community that expressed interest in participating. We look forward to incorporating your feedback into the version of SAP Fiori tools that we release to the market.
*** end of update ***

Original post follows:

Over the past couple of years, we have received lots of feedback from customers, partners, and internal SAP developers on SAP Fiori elements. In response to the general sentiment that people liked it but wanted better documentation, more in-app help, and ways to streamline development, we have started working on a new solution called SAP Fiori tools. We showed a preview at SAP TechEd in Bangalore (wait a few seconds for the recording to jump to the demo in the keynote).

SAP Fiori tools accelerates app development

SAP Fiori tools is a collection of productivity tools that will make software developers more efficient when developing SAP Fiori apps. We are planning to deliver SAP Fiori tools as a Visual Studio Code extension or SAP Business Application Studio plug-in. If you are creating software in one of those development environments, SAP Fiori tools provides shortcuts to common functions involved in writing or modifying SAP Fiori apps.


SAP Fiori tools is designed to further increase the development efficiency of building SAP Fiori elements applications. By leveraging the key concepts of the metadata driven UI development, we expect SAP Fiori tools will reduce development time and cut maintenance costs. Our plan is that SAP Fiori tools will cover all the stages of SAP Fiori app development.

Our development teams are working on these components:

  • Requirements Gathering: Supports requirement definition with feasibility checks for compatibility with SAP Fiori elements
  • Project Generator: Creates the project environment for development
  • Guided Development: Provides step-by-step development instructions and generates code snippets in-line
  • Service Modeler: Visualizes service entities, relations, properties, and annotations
  • Application Modeler: Model the structure of the application: pages, properties, and navigation
  • XML Annotation Language Server: Delivers a language server protocol for EDMX annotations with code completion, micro-snippets, and diagnostics
  • Usage Tracking: Supports continuous improvement of the tool and apps


These pieces will guide developers through the full development cycle.

We just started testing SAP Fiori tools

Some of our internal developers have been testing early prototypes of SAP Fiori tools. We have integrated their feedback and are currently packaging a version that we can share with selected customers and partners as part of a closed beta program. There are a few spots remaining for people with:

  • Some SAP Fiori app development experience
  • Basic understanding of OData services
  • Some knowledge of annotations
  • Access to Visual Studio Code (for the initial phase of testing)

Next steps

  • Watch the preview demo from SAP TechEd Bangalore
  • Sign up for our SAP Fiori tools beta program (limited space available), if you have the prerequisites listed above – you can post your interest as a comment to this blog or email me
  • Stay tuned for an update (and possibly some more demos) at SAPPHIRE

For the SAP UX Engineering team, Peter Spielvogel.


This blog contains forward-looking statements. It is not a commitment by SAP to deliver any specific functionality by any specific date. We reserve the right to change our plans for any reason at any time.


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