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SAP S/4 HANA – Manage Automatic Payments App (ID F0770) – Printout / Data Medium Tab missing

Fiori App Manage Automatic Payments (Id: F0770) does not come up with Printout / Data Medium Tab, as a result of which no output generated. To get the payment medium generation, please refer to below SAP notes:

First, SAP Note 2863917 is to identify which scenario you will be implementing. Then basis team has to implement SAP Note 2794014 and finally SAP ABAP team needs to implement Badi as per Note 2794915.

Below are the scenarios as per SAP Note 2863917:

Scenario 1: You want Fiori application Manage Automatic Payments to work in similar way as SAP GUI transaction F110. It should produce payment advice only if there is a variant filled in for RFFOAVIS_FPAYM on ‘Printout/data medium’ tab.

Scenario 2: You want to have payment advice always generated out of Manage Automatic Payments not taking into account what is on the ‘Printout/data medium’ tab.

  • This is the default behaviour of Manage Automatic Payments since SAP S/4HANA 1809.

Scenario 3: You are not getting any payment advice out of Manage Automatic Payments at all.

Process Steps:

Within this blog post I will explain Scenario 1 process steps in details as below:

Step 1: Create a template payment run via SAP GUI transaction F110:

The main purpose to create template is to assign the output variant hence, make sure you do not miss the assignment of variant to Printout/data medium’ tab.



Step 2: Start fiori app “Manage Automatic Payments” and use the “COPY” button instead of “+”.

Copy the payment run from the template in fiori app “Manage Automatic Payments”. The values from “Printout/data medium” are copied in the background from the template to the new payment run.


Step 3. Change the rest of the parameters of the new payment run.


You can make changes to the Parameter copied as required like Vendor, Posting Date, Payment Methods etc.

Save Parameter.


Step 4. Create Payment Proposal

Make sure you select “Start Immediately” and then click on Schedule.


Step 5: Review Proposal

This will redirect to another app “Revise Payment Proposals”

Check Payments & Exceptions, Payments will show invoices considered for payment run and Exceptions for invoices not considered for payment.

Step 6: Revise Payment Proposal

Go to Open “>” to check details of invoices proposed for payment.

With this app you can review, block invoices, change payment method to invoices and more.

If you click on Hyperlink it will give you options to directly go to other apps like Display Supplier Balances, Manage Supplier Line Items, Journal Entry Analyzer, Manage Journal Entries and more.

Step 7: Payment Run

Go to Proposal and click on Schedule to run Payment.

Click on Start Immediately and then click on Schedule.


Step 8: Payment List and Application Log

Go to “Payments Processed” and select which Payment Run you want to validate for payment processed and click on Payment List as highlighted in below screen.


Click on Payment List for payment documents:

Step 9: Check Output Payment Advice

Go to GUI app “Display Spool request”, key in the spool no. or user id to check the spool generated from payment app tile. Refer SAP Note 2683262

Select the spool to print or click on  to download the pdf.


As per SAP Note 28639 there are three scenarios and you need to decide which scenarios customer wants to go with and accordingly implement BAPI provided in SAP Note so as to make sure Fiori app Manage Automatic Payments works with payment output.

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      Author's profile photo Mandeep Singh Grover
      Mandeep Singh Grover

      Very nice info on new Fiori for F110. Thanks for sharing..!!

      Author's profile photo Mukesh Sharma
      Mukesh Sharma
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Mandeep

      Author's profile photo Venkateswarlu Manduva
      Venkateswarlu Manduva

      Hi Mukesh

      Very useful information, Any idea on Check printing as well from Fiori App?


      Author's profile photo Mukesh Sharma
      Mukesh Sharma
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Venkat,

      Please refer to the AP best practice document, it has the steps for check printing from Fiori App.




      Author's profile photo SyedNawaz Bilal
      SyedNawaz Bilal

      HI Mukesh,

      Can you please share the link of the document.

      We need to print the check program automatically once pay run completed.


      Syed Nawaz

      Author's profile photo Ioannis papoulias
      Ioannis papoulias

      Hi Mukesh,


      Can i add identification check-validation ?

      In F110 i can create an enhancement in order to check identification . Can i do the same in fiori - manage automatic payment ?

      Author's profile photo Mukesh Sharma
      Mukesh Sharma
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Loannis,

      You can write an enhancement for F110 to check identification. You need a Fiori consultant for the same and needs to be tested, as per me it should work in fiori too.





      Author's profile photo Pulak Das
      Pulak Das

      Nice blog Mukesh

      Author's profile photo Mukesh Sharma
      Mukesh Sharma
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Pulak for getting sometime for the blog.




      Author's profile photo Tami Milillo
      Tami Milillo

      Hi Mukesh,

      Is there a way to combine payments to suppliers if the invoices are in different companies with a pay on behalf of situation (all invoices are paid out of company 1001)?  For example, company 1000 has 1 credit invoice for $500 and company 1001 has invoices for $2,000.  Net total owed to supplier is $1,500.  When we run payments, only company 1001 will trigger payment due to debit balance on company 1000.


      Author's profile photo Mukesh Sharma
      Mukesh Sharma
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Tami,

      This is possible via Sending company code & Paying company code in FBZP, all the companies with invoices has to be sending company code (1000 & 1001) and Company code 1001 should be configured for paying company code. 

      You can only do automatic payment f110 for more than one company codes only if they are all in the same country.

      Hope this resolves your issue.



      Author's profile photo Magno Santos
      Magno Santos

      Hi Mukesh Sharma how are you?

      Could you tell me why the F070 (Manage Automatic Payments) application completed the payment proposal creation process by creating two lines for the same movement?


      F070 - Manage Automatic Payments

      Is it a standard procedure or some setting in the APP?



      Author's profile photo Selvin Kumar Sivalingam
      Selvin Kumar Sivalingam

      Hi Mukesh,


      Any further update steps.



      Selvin Kumar Sivalingam

      Author's profile photo Yumarli Romero
      Yumarli Romero

      Thanks! :')